Monday, May 25, 2009

Boris at his best, and some of the other.

You should never be surprised by what Boris Johnson writes in his weekly Telegraph column. Today's was a mixture of brilliance and daftness. The first few paragraphs in which he portrayed our 'terrified MPs' as loaded on a Russian sled, being towed by knackered ponies through a moonlit forest, with a pack of ravening wolves in hot pursuit, tossing sacrificial offerings over the back, is Boris at his irresistible best. And his judgement that this Parliament is finished, and that Gordon Brown's Government has lost the moral authority to govern our country is spot on. "Its over. They must go to the country" he trumpets (if its possible to trumpet in writing) This is clear to all except the governing party, and its refusal to see will reap its own reward, when it is finally forced to allow the people their say.

But then he loses the plot by advocating a 'Parliament of Rebels'. I go part of the way with the great man. We do need MPs with a greater willingness to take principled stands. We do need many more 'Free Votes'. We must move away from the 'lines to take' mentality, which so disfigures our politics. There is nothing more damaging to politicians as a collective than what is called 'a good political answer' - which usually means sidestepping the question put. But its not possible to run a political system without some commitment to the team. I'm sometimes told that I have a reputation as a 'maverick', a charge I've always tried to resist. I will resist no more. Rather like some of the clothes I wore in my youth, I seem to have come into fashion. But No Boris, we cannot have a 'Parliament of Rebels'. It would become a 'Parliament of Chaos'. This time, I cannot travel all the way with you.


I have seen the future said...

If Glyn's blog is not near the top of the Welsh politico blog rankings then it ought to be!

Yours has been an inspiration these past few days. A very interesting read. Just the right mixture of critique, analysis, warning not to go too far with it, and need for a new speaker, who in your own measured words should be"

"Someone who will not be beholden to any MPs, who will be fair in how all MPs are treated - and will be able to force the governing party to take the House of Commons seriously again. It’s a very big job."

... just the right amount of cream and fruit body with some circumspection blended in. One part circumspection for every 4 parts of cream by volume, and 4 parts cream per 9 parts fruit body by volume. A perfect 1^2:2^2:3^2 (1:4:9 ratio).

And the cream garnished with just the right mix of one-thousands.

And today, two predators flew by my apartment window - they are clearly a mated pair, happy and confident.

It struck me that whatever deal was up in the air, the deal has been sealed.

LO is toast, the PC candidate is fun but inexperienced.

It is Jenson Button time for our Glyn Davies.

Anonymous said...

Glyn Davies for Prime minister, Joanna Lumley for home secretary, Anne Widdecombe for speaker, Jeremy Clarkson for transport minister, Jenson Button - minister of sport.

Anonymous said...

The BBC website says "The Liberal Democrats, who favour proportional representation, said Mr Cameron's plans did not go far enough." They favour proportional representation because that's the only way they can get anywhere. Cameron's plans are good, as long as he can pull them off, it's a big ask of anybody.

alanindyfed said...

Anne Widdecombe would be a temporary speaker. They need a reformist permanent speaker and I think Glyn Davies fits the part with Elfyn Llwyd as PM and Adam Price as Chancellor.

Stonemason. said...

I see alanindyfed has been at the malt again.

Glyn Davies said...

IHSTF - Jenson Button is well placed at the moment, but there's a long way to go to the final flag.

Roman - The stuff that dreams and nightmares are made of.

Anon - I think David Cameron's plans are good - and significant from someone who seems likely to be Prime Minister, perhaps by the end of the year.

Alan/Stonemason - Double malt I think, and lots of it.

Grab the headlines said...

Eh Glyn! History is in Button's favour - on information and belief, one would have to go back to the early days to find a year when a driver who has won the first two races hasn't gone on to win the F1 championship.

So, yes, I think Jenson Button can come at least one chicken!

And maybe you can count one too.

Got to keep the pecker up - an election might well be in the 'offing'.