Sunday, May 31, 2009

Garden after the Azaleas.

We're away for a golf break today and tomorrow - at Carden Park, near Nantwich. 18 holes on the Nicklaus Course this afternoon, and 18 on the Cheshire Course tomorrow morning. Back campaigning tomorrow night. Just sharing three photographs from the garden. There was a lot of choice. First up is the first red hot poker of the year. I've still not seen anyone else growing Kniphofia northiae. It may be grotesque (with a flower spike approaching 12" long) but its very early (before Royal Standard) and inexplicably unusual. We grow lots of them, and they always excite the WI and Merched y Wawr groups that visit the garden.

We grow many sorts of allium, which are about as easy to grow as you can get, though some sorts die out and have to be replaced from time to time. Some varieties seed themselves. Its always a good idea to have them growing through other foliage, because their own leaves are dying back as they flower, and spoil the look. No good going to a party with lovely hair and dirty shoes. The bottom tier of the Cornus controversa variagata forms the backdrop.

Last photograph is another of the Vibernum marisii (I think). We grow lots of Vibernums, but this is the easiest and best of them all. There's a popularly used name referring to Xmas which I'm not sure of. Could be the 'Christmas Cake Tree'. Comment if you know.


Anonymous said...

Always think of Red Hot Pokers as looking scruffy (in a bather)

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - Many of them do look scruffy. I sometimes cut back the foliage just before they flower. This has to be done with 'northiae', which is probably why it is not widely grown. Mrs D prefers to grow it as single stems, when it looks particularly impressive.

Colin said...

I think you will find Carden nearer Chester. Both courses well worth a play.
No speeding traffic to be heard.

Still 1000+ speeders in Penyffordd
but perhaps it may change.