Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Words with 'Meaning'

I like phrases which use words in an evocative way to convey meaning. On of my favourites was "Fur coat and no knickers". Well, my new favourite probably emanates from Texas - "All hat and no cattle". Any other offers?


Prasit said...

couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery.
Ressentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other guy to die on it!

Normal Mouth said...

Another scatological one, I'm afraid:

P*ss or get off the pot.

Anonymous said...

As flash as a rat with a gold tooth.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Upcoming cocktail: "Economy on the rocks".

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

On the upcoming cocktail: "Economy on the rocks".

Don't forget my forecast for 2008; specifically: that the UK economy (in contrast to the "experts" and UK government forecasts) will shrink by at least 10% in 2008 and the CoL will take a very nasty hit (actually I wrote this prediction some considerable time ago in part based on what was happening in the US economy in combination with "Dr. Christopher's 2+2 logic", actually, I did not apply much logic on the conscious level, instead it simply made sense to me even though I have no formal training whatsoever in economics), again in contrast to 'expert' forecasts who were predicting around 2-3% growth for 2008, but these figures are already being downgraded, by the UK government and the BoE (Bank of England).

I also predicted back in 2006 that property prices would take a big hit and they have, but the hit is going to grow and grow.

I predicted a MEGA JUGGERNAUT economic hit for 2008 some time ago when everyone was predicting a "cooling" and not a recession. I warned over and over again of the pending economic juggernaut. I warned of big bank failures in the wind (and hence mega hit on the CoL (City of London), with major downstream job losses, I even tipped CoL workers to prepare for major job losses.

I repeat my warning: I see no reason to doubt the accuracy of the prediction, that the mega juggernaut economic storm is still descending and will wreak the most terrible havoc on the CoL. The CoL may not survive in its current form. Despite good heart at the BoE this will not be enough to stop the CoL taking a massive hit with bank failures and major job losses and loss of long term credibility much of the CoL business will move to other countries in part because of the stupendously stupid Brown government incompetent dangerous 'leadership'. Gordon Brown is turning into the King with no clothes. Just watch as the tide goes out, his naked bottom will be seen (metaphorically I hope) - based on a Buffet line.

For some reason I seem able to write predictions based on clues published (and not published) in the USA. I don’t really understand it. But the predictions seem to be panning out just as predicted. I am, frankly, somewhat puzzled and even a bit nervous of how it is I can relay these predictions, but I feel I must sound the alarm, sound the warning bell, and hope some take heed. "Prepare for a ride" (Phillip K. Dick's "We Remember It For You Wholesale - made into the TOTAL RECALL (1990) movie with Arnie and Sharone Stone - I seem to recall it was the automatic "Johnnie" at the wheel of the taxi that said the line, but a similar line was also used in another part of the movie, dam my near photographic memory for cryptic movie/book lines.

Anonymous said...

Dr Woods even on a light hearted post such as this has to stick his oar in.
Glyn, can you not give us a rest from it??
Is even who he says he is ?

Anonymous said...

More secrets than a nuns knickers
Thinner than a chapel hat peg.
All mouth and trousers.
How many angels dance on a pin.
Dont eat yellow snow.
A willful fault has no excuse, and deserves no pardon.
And I agree that the good Dr should not ruin some posts with the wrong feeling

Anonymous said...

Words with meaning - Dr Wood.

The irony of it all.

Glyn Davies said...

So Christopher Woods is beginning to get up people's noses by excessive posting. Perhaps he is a touch too enthusiastic, but its easy to pass over his comments. Having decided to publish everything except the truly offensive or cruel, I don't want to censure anyone. Anyway, he makes some good points. Since I do moderate comments now, perhaps I'll approve one per post per day!

Tough to pick the best - but I do like 'Don't eat yellow snow'.

Anonymous said...

Pissing on his chips - a good old anglesey saying

Anonymous said...

Could not organise a w--- in a brothel.
A friend told me that the other day.
I have not stopped smilling about it since!

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

"Give me liberty (or work) or give me death". Patrick Henry, a lawyer in the fare state of Virginia said that; tip: one easy way to remember his name if it comes up in a US citizenship test is "pH". Patrick Henry was not of Welsh descent, but that does not detract from the great American he was.

... and the best way for anyone or any organization to shut up this particular Welshman/lawyer in America (i.e., Dr. Christopher Wood) is to give him WORK!

A certain politician tried to shut me up - and it 'didn't happen', but had he given me work, naturally I would have shut up! (Said tongue in cheek).

Glyn Davies said...

Christopher - its not in my gift to give you work. Neither would I wish to shut you up. Just thought about controlling the deluge. Thats all!

Oscar said...

Empty vessels make the most noise, or in certain cases write the most postings.
If the cap fits wear it!!

or what is the one about idle hands and minds?

Lempit the Loon said...

He whho laughs last, laughs longest!

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

It wasn't you Glyn I was thinking of, sorry for the miss-communication. Anyway, just pick one of my posts per day to publish, I don't care which one.

Glyn Davies said...

oscar - I enjoy blogging, and I seem to be able to write posts very quickly - which is why they can be a bit uncoordinated. I don't really mind if you don't visit. You rarely seem to want to engage in serious debate. Reading blogs you don't like - now that does seem a waste of time.

Christopher - A comment per post per day is what I thought - and I don't even like the idea of that. Smacks of censureship.

Anonymous said...

thought - why does nt wood get his own blogg instead of being a cuckoo in the nest on this one

Anonymous said...

I think we need to hit the ground running, keep our eye on the ball, and make sure that we are singing off the same hymn sheet. At the end of the day it is not a level playing field and the goal posts may move; if they do, someone else may have to pick the ball up and run with it. We therefore must have a golf bag of options hot-to-trot from the word 'go'. It is your train set but we cannot afford to leave it on the back burner; we've got a lot of irons in the fire, right now. We will need to unstick a few potential poo traps but it all depends on the flash-to-bang time and fudge factor allowed. Things may end up slipping to the left and, if they do, we will need to run a tight ship. I don't want to re-invent the wheel but we must get right down in the weeds on this one. If push comes to shove, we may have to up stumps and then we'll be in a whole new ball game. I suggest we test the water with a few warmers in the bank. If AFHQ can produce the goods then we are cooking with gas. If not, then we are in a world of hurt. I don't want to die in a ditch over it but we could easily end up in a flat spin if people start getting twitchy. To that end, I want to get round the bazaars and make sure the movers and shakers are on side from day one. If you can hit me with your shopping list I can take it to the head honchos and start the ball rolling. If it goes pear-shaped, it is no good throwing our toys out of the pram or our teddy in the corner. Instead we may have to fine-tune it in order to do a re-gain. We'll be hung out to dry if it becomes a showstopper. There is light at the end of the tunnel and I think we have backed a winner here. If it all gets blown out of the water. however, I will be throwing a track. So get your feet in to my in-tray and give me chapter and verse as to how you see things panning out. As long as our ducks are in a row, I think the ball will stay in play and we can come up smelling of roses. Before you bomb burst and throw smoke, it is imperative, that we play with a straight bat this time around. We need to nail our colours very firmly to the mast and look at the big picture. We've got to march to the beat of the drum. We are on a sticky wicket. I've been on permanent send for long enough and I've had my two cents worth. I don't want to rock the boat or teach anyone to suck eggs. We must keep this very firmly in our sight picture or it could fall between the cracks. I don't want to be seen to be re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic but if the cap fits, wear it. At the end of the day, it's like a big game of Space Invaders; the aliens are getting closer and if we don't zap them it'll be game over for the lot of us. There are a number of wolves close to the sledge, and alligators close to the canoe, which need to be shot. As you are aware, it's a bit like punching a cloud round here. The heads of shed often play fast and loose, so it's stand by to repel boarders, I'm afraid. Right! Unless anyone wants to flag-up any bullet points I'll be in my office. My door is always open and I'm as flexible as a palm tree in a hurricane. The ball is in your court; don't let the wheel come off. If it unravels, your arse is grass and I'm a lawn-mower!

Anonymous said...

Last post sums a lot up about singing off the same hymn sheet.
The Conservatives are NOT doing that in Wales.
Nor to the point are you Glyn.

Glyn Davies said...

anon - While I have always recognised that any national party is 'a broad church', I am personally very keen on 'playing as a team'. The only policy area where there are very wide range of opinions amongst party members is our attitude towards devolution. I should add that I have always accepted 'the agreed party line'. I will campaign at the next election on our manifesto - even if I disagree with some part of it. But I won't lie about what I believe. Its the way British politics works. Until we have an agreed manifesto line, I will carry on expressing my opinion that my party should grasp the devolution baton and run with it.

Anonymous said...

"I will carry on expressing my opinion that my party should grasp the devolution baton and run with it."

If it's a relay race, you won't find any real tories to pass it to!

Southpaw Grammar said...

dont wipe your arse with a broken milkbottle

Glyn Davies said...

anon - I'll agree to accept conclusions of Lord Roberts' Commission (if that's what its called) if you will - or is it the case that unless he comes up with a view you agree with, he too will no longer be considered a 'proper' tory?

southpaw - I like it - similar to 'don't eat yellow snow'

oscar who's gone - It seems that his last comment was aimed at Dr Christopher, rather than me. But he's decided that this blog is not for him anyway.

North Wales Totty, or Tory! said...

Where's my mate Oscar gone?
Why has he gone any way?
He has a good local blog around my neck of the woods!

Glyn Davies said...

North Wales Totty - Oscar commented negatively about Dr Christopher, and I thought he was referring to me. I was in a bad skin and told him if he didn't like my blog, why read it. Anyway he then said that his negative attitude to the Dr could equally apply to me, and that he was off elsewhere, and that he felt much happier now that he wasn't going to read the c**p that I post. I sometimes read his blog myself, via David Jones' blog, on which I'm getting a bit of stick myself in the comments at the moment. I will survive.

Anonymous said...

A standing D---, has no conscience!

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

In praise of LO:
Isn’t Lembit Opik the dandiest piece of walking ‘chocolate covered cotton’ you have ‘ever seen’?
Perhaps not:
No! ‘You left the seeds in!’
Source of raw material: ‘Catch 22’ (movie and book).

That’s my post ration used up; now I’m off to JR’s website … perhaps someone should warn him.

Anonymous said...

"anon - I'll agree to accept conclusions of Lord Roberts' Commission (if that's what its called) if you will - or is it the case that unless he comes up with a view you agree with, he too will no longer be considered a 'proper' tory?"

Why, do you reckon Wyn is going native too?

Glyn Davies said...

Lord Roberts of Conwy is a wise man who will consider very carefully the various options. I've tried to influence the debate as best I can, but I will accept the position that my party decides on. All I ask is that policy is based on the reality of where we are (not where we would like to be) and realism about what is possible.

Anonymous said...

Instead of
'Does the bear s**t in the woods?'
How about
'Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?'

atilla the hun said...

I gave someone the reply to a less than expected service today by saying
Suppose it's beter than a kick up the arse