Friday, March 21, 2008

Pride in a colleague.

Conservative MEP, Jonathon Evans was on Dragon's Eye tonight, discussing the death of Ama Sumani. I was proud that he's a colleague of mine. No policy should be implemented by our UK Government without humanity. Jonathon has humanity in spades. Our Labour Government does not. I can see him enjoying a great Parliamentary career when he returns to the House of Commons after the next election.


Carlo fernandez said...

Amiable sort of chap.
Who pays for that expensive little reception he puts on at Osbourne house on the eve of the Welsh Conference, when it's held in Llandudno?
I believe it to be he, if that is the case he must have more money than sense, mind you he is an MEP, well known for such extravagance!
I do believe though it would be best for the new faces and more new faces at the election and not revisit the past with ex MP's
Honestly some of them are like wandering minstrals.

Anonymous said...

And talking of wandering minstrals, our part time MP is making a fool of himself huffing and puffing about legal action over Sian LLoyd's book. Perhaps he should have thought of the consequences before he messed around with such a national treasure. As one of your other posts says, his behaviour has been known about for some time and frankly you reap what you sow. Also interesting the way a liberal is trying to shut someone up and the way the libido dems are rallying around him. Boy are they running scared!

Glyn Davies said...

carlo - Jonathon is one of the most capable politicians that I've ever met. It was a tragedy he lost his seat in 1997.. I really hope he wins in Cardiff North because he will be a great strength to the Conservative Party in Wales.

anon - I sense that they are a touch concerned.

Anonymous said...

I think L O should back off Sians friends have information that could really embarass him,he attacks her at his peril.If he had any sense he would stop trying to be a "celebrity" and think about his day job a bit more.