Sunday, March 09, 2008

Clegg living with the fairies.

My parliamentary ambition requires that I take some interest in significant statements by the Lib Dem leadership. So I was interested in how today's 'major' speech by Nick Clegg at his Party's Spring Conference at Liverpool was going to be 'spun' to the media. What important message did he want to cast forth onto our airwaves. What great ideas did he have to repair the wreck of his disastrous week (or 'mixed'week as Vince Cable described it today). Well, it seems to be as bad an example of meaningless waffle as I've ever heard. Perhaps Vince Cable will describe the speech as Nick Clegg 'doing his best' which is how he described his handling of the EU Treaty debate. No wonder they call him Brutus.

Now, we all know that the Lib Dems are the party of Proportional Representation. This anorak-ish principle has been fundamental to the Lib Dems for as long as I can remember. We all also know that a consequence of this electoral system is that political parties have to form some sort of coalition after an election - unless there is a landslide of a force we have never yet seen in the UK. So what do we make of what Clegg has been saying today.

Apparently, Nick Clegg will never (Yes, that's what this man said) join a Labour or Conservative Cabinet. Perhaps he might do a deal with the BNP or Ukip! He's in favour of something he calls a 'pluralist' form of Government - though no-one from the Lib Dems has been prepared to explain what this entails.
"I am interested in a new type of government....based on pluralism.....a new system that empowers people rather than parties".
What on earth does this mean. Its gibberish. Its total b*****ks. It wouldn't be so bad if this man who's been waffling on about empowering the people hadn't last week reneged on his party's promise to empower the people through a referendum on the EU Treaty. I'm really looking forwards to reading what sense Peter Black, a fairly sensible fellow, makes of this airy-fairy nonsense on his blog. I won't hold my breath though, because anyone fairly sensible will say nothing and hope we all forget about it fairly quickly.


Dr. Christopher Wood said...

You hit it right on the nail Glyn; the Lib-Dem party adopts two 180 degree contradictory positions. What should we conclude from this? Then, as you point out, there's Clegg's voiced view: "I am interested in a new type of government....based on pluralism.....a new system that empowers people rather than parties." Yet another wishy-washy statement from Clegg, and actually misrepresentative of the Welsh Lib Party; more particularly the Lib-Dems in Cardiff who have developed a penchant for running roughshod over local residents opinions (e.g., the Eastern Leisure Centre issue and just a few days ago the Lib-Dems announced that they are going to ban wheel chair access to the Friary Centre in Cardiff, an outrageous position to take against disabled people).

Glyn Davies said...

Christopher - I don't know much about the acrivities of the Lib Dems in Cardiff. The voters will express their opinion in 8 weeks time. But I do know that the Lib Dems in Wales are very interested in forming a Coalition - with anybody. Nick Clegg seems to be on another planet.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

"Nick Clegg seems to be on another planet" ... "IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY".

(Line borrowed from Star Wars (1977).

Left Field said...

I suppose they could have something akin to the Lib-Lab pact. It would suit the Lib Dems, they could both support a government and not have to take responsibility at the dispatch box.

Didn't someone say last year that the Lib Dems were basically a franchise?

For instance, they back windfarms nationally, yet try to put one up and it's Lib Dem councillors out campaigning against it.

Lib Dems in Cardiff want neurosurgery in Cardiff, whereas in Swansea they want it in erm.. Swansea.

I'll have to read up about the Lib Dems in Cardiff. In Swansea they seem to have buried the city in road cones. Largely for a bendy bus. One bus, that does one route, and they change the road structure of the whole city. I haven't yet met anyone who wants it.

Glyn Davies said...

left field - Clegg has ruled out an arrangemant such as a Lib-Lab Pact. There is no way the Party would support one Party without a cut of the action - it would be suicidal. Even Lib Dem members would wonder what it was all for. It seems that we share experiences of the tactics used. Attitudes to wind farms in Montgomertshire is just about as good an example as you can find.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

"Cleggs influence is diminishing as fast as a fart in a hurricane."

(Mutated from the last line on page 55 of "Against a Dark Background"; Iain M. Banks).

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

... and the same goes for Clegg's credibility as the 'leader' of the Lib-Dems ...

"Clegg's credibility is diminishing as fast as a fart in a hurricane."

Pass it along ... maybe John Redwood can use it with torpedo-logic delivery.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

I love this line: "Lib Dems in Cardiff want neurosurgery."

I can only add that the "Lib Dems in Cardiff NEED neurosurgery!"

Thanks to Left Field for providing the raw material.