Sunday, March 02, 2008

Losing the PR Battle.

Everyone knows that name recognition is the key to winning elections, so I was quite pleased to have squirreled my way into a couple of TV appearances at this weekend's Welsh Conservative Conference. I could have done with a decent slot on the stage, but I'm just not 'significant' enough to be one of the 'chosen ones'. Actually I was offered 3 minutes early on Sunday, but I had to stay home to look after little Ffion. As the cameras were rolling, and me feeling on rather good form (even if I have to say it myself), I was thinking that I was upstaging my main political opponent at the General Election, Lembit Opik. And then I discover that he and his girlfriend, Gabriela are going to appear on the revamped TV programme, 'Mr and Mrs'. It just isn't fair. I start to gain a bit of ground, and he upstages me again, by getting a major slot on ITV1. I suppose it's back to the drawing board again.


Anonymous said...

It's totally delicious and you should revel in the fact that the sometimes MP for Mont is due to appear on the show! Yet another chance for him to show himself up and yet more votes in the bag for you. And the question remains - why on earth don't the loopy Liberals rein him in? I assure you that there's only one person losing the PR battle....and that's Lembit Idiot Opik!

Glyn Davies said...

anon - It does seem a bit of a gamble, but name recognition is a powerful vote winner. I really ought to resist the temptation to post on this sort of thing though, but I just couldn't resist this time.