Saturday, March 15, 2008

I wasn't there

I wonder what its like to live with Martyn Williams. How do you relate to someone who is quite so special. Does he snore, eat cereal for breakfast, and just stroll down to the nearest paper shop to buy the Wales on Sunday? Or does he sleep on a concrete slab, eat iron filings and have his newspapers delivered by man on a white horse. For me, a man who strove to perform well at open side on the playing fields of the Midlands and North of England, this man is a god. I felt myself welling up when he was interviewed after today's game. This season's Grand Slam winners are a very special group of sportsmen, and I think that Martyn is the greatest of all - perhaps because that was my position. OK, fair enough if you feel the same about Gethin Jenkins, or Stephen Jones, or Gavin Henson, or the brilliant Shane Williams, or my man of the 6 nations, Lee Byrne, or Mark Jones, or Alun Wyn Jones, or Jonathon Thomas, or Adam Jones or Ryan Jones, etc.....

I watched today's games at home. Italy were great. I so wanted them to win - even if it was a pity that it meant that Scotland had to lose, probably a touch undeservedly. I'd expected Italy to win and they just scraped it in an enjoyable game. Just imagine the bars in Rome when that Marcato drop goal went over. I want to go to Italy for a holiday.

England were very good today. Do you realise how much writing that line took out of me? But Cipriani is a real star - insufferably cocky and he'll make it easy for me to continue my life long desire to see England lose. But he is a class act. Brian Ashton will be retired, perhaps before the New Zealand tour. England are still the team to beat.

But Wales were just incredible. I'm not mentioning the French because of the utter rubbish they set out to play in Cardiff today. They knew that they were not as good as Wales, so set out to kill the game of any adventure. Some of the great French players of the past must have been in despair. And at one stage, it did look as if this desperate negativity would win the day. Thank the heavens for Shane Williams - again. I so much wanted Mark Jones to have scored with that length of the field run, but it was not to be. And it all ended with Martyn Williams scoring the final try of a memorable Championship. It was enough to bring a smile to the faces of Gatland and Edwards - something that I thought I would never be able to post. I think champagne is in order.


Anonymous said...

I dont think anyone would eat iron fillings because they would of been poisonous

Ian said...

I was a blind-side myself, but credit where it's due to nugget. He puts his body on the line and his fitness levels are fantastic. What a great day for Wales. Now I'm going back to the pub.

pob hwyl,

Glyn Davies said...

anon - I thought iron was good for you!

Anonymous said...

still singing here Glyn What a great team and they are a team and that made such a differnce.Martyn Williams amazing,Stephen Jones my boy, Shane-what else can you say. Henson - if he would just smile and learn the anthem, no other worries :>)
As you say you could mention them all
Good to have that hwyl

Steffan said...

'England are still the team to beat' - Nah - let's be more ambitious: how about South Africa ?
Anyhow, yesterday was a suberb occasion. A wonderful climax to a super season and huge promise for the future from some fine players - just goes to show what can be achieved by hard work and TEAMwork.

Glyn Davies said...

vm - and Ryan is going to be a great media star after he's finished playing. He's got it all.

Steffan - team to beat in the 6 Nations, I meant. We can't claim to be quite up there with the big three until we start beating them. But its looking promising.