Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Gatland Smile.

Watching Scrum 5 on BBC Wales. Warren Gatland turned up with the Trophy. He smiled when he came on. And he kept on smiling throughout the programme. This is a truly amazing season. Perhaps the 'congratulations' message he had from Gordon Brown caused it.

Watching the highlights of yesterdays game has just been an emotional experience. When I blogged yesterday, I forgot to mention the Welsh 'push' at the French scrum, under the Welsh posts on 65 minutes. It was absolutely sensational. Mrs D couldn't see why I thought it was the best moment of the match. I told her it was a 'forwards moment'.

Justin Marshall has just said that the reason Wales won was that the rest of the Six Nations teams have been c**p. He's really cool. Pleased Mrs D hasn't spotted him yet. Actually, he didn't put it quite so bluntly, but he's got a point. Warren then made a reference to the Irish problems - and laughed. And then he made a joke about fans singing "Edwards is a Welsh name, Edwards is a Welsh name" and laughed even louder. Gatland's become a laughing cavalier.

Justin has just said that we have a tendency in Wales to get a bit ahead of ourselves when we win. What an outrageous thing to say. There is absolutely no reason why we can't smash South Africa in the summer, win next year's Six Nations and the next World Cup.


Steffan said...

Hi Glyn,
I think the crowd actually sang: 'Edwards is a Welsh name' - though the sentiment is the same: we like everybody to belong to us.

As for the theme, prevalent in the London press, about the 'poor' quality of this year's championship - well, we played (almost) the same English players who reached the World cup final; Italy were better this year than ever and France put out an experienced side against us (though not against other teams, admittedly).
Of course there is continuing turmoil in the management/coaching setups of most of our opponents and that's been to our advantage. But, how many times over recent years have we been the side suffering those problems? I don't remember too much sympathy coming our way.
Anyhow, let's continue walking on air for a while longer and hope it's not another flash in the pan - it needn't be this time.
Best wishes.

Glyn Davies said...

Steffan - Thanks. I don't know what made me type it incorrectly. I must have been thinking of the Glamorgan CC chant of a few years ago, 'Waquar is a Welshman'. Anway I've just edited the post.

And I agree on all your other points as well. You can only beat the teams that run onto the field to play against you - but I do think confusion in the management/ coaching set up has an effect, and all the other teams are in transition (except Italy). I think we should walk on air until our balloon is pricked - an dlet it be a long time.