Monday, March 31, 2008

Remember Ruddock

With all this lauding of the Gatland/Edwards magic, lets not forget the last miracle worker at the helm of the Welsh rugby team, the great Mike Ruddock. (You can see that I've finally forgiven him for his idiotic decision to allow himself to be used by Peter Hain and Rhodri Morgan to use him as a Labour Party pawn.) He's working another miracle at Worcester in the English Premiership. I take an interest in Worcester because its the nearest leading rugby club to where I live. Over the last month Ruddock's men have defeated Sale away, Leicester at home, and last Saturday they beat Gloucester for the first time. These are probably the three best club teams in England. At the start of the season, Worcester were most people's favorites for relegation, and a month ago, were still in danger. Now they are showing 'Grand Slam' form. Pulling off one miracle has become 'old hat' for Welsh rugby fans. Mike Ruddock's done it twice.


Anonymous said...

wasps surely one of the top three?
my money was always on leeds too, my duckworth was always going to pour money in to help mike r. English rugby is a disgarce and worceter are one of the problems. rugby needs to live to its means, it'll all end in another richmond like club disaster.

Glyn Davies said...

anon - OK, point accepted. I suppose you can make a good case for Bath as well, but I still think the post stands. Duckworth has been putting lots of money in for a long time, and its only now that success is coming. I don't like the way money has taken over rugby and football, but its the way it is. Worcester have never had breathing space until now. Last season was even more desperate. I really think the team has now arrived.