Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Plaid Cymru getting their excuses in first.

The BBC tells us that Plaid Cymru leader, Iuean Wyn Jones has started the process (which this blog has been predicting for a few weeks) of preparing the ground to renege on his promise to his loyal membership that there would be a referendum on law making powers 'in or before 2011'. If you recall, this was the ploy he used to persuade his members to prop up Rhodri Morgan in office last May, rather than lead a 'Rainbow Coalition' himself. I didn't think he really believed in it then - and I think he knows its a 'dead duck' now. So he's looking to get his excuses in first.

Its now over 9 months since the Labour-Plaid agreement was consummated. We have already had a full pregnancy term - and still no sign of any birthpangs. We haven't even had the morning sickness yet. All we've had is an announcement of a 'Convention' to be led by an impressive name, Sir Emyr Jones-Parry, the purpose of which remains as clear as mud. An arthritic snail would have generated more momentum. The Convention 'might' be up and running sometime later this year, and it will need at least 18 months to report. By then we're into the run-in in to the next Assembly Election. Woops. Big promise overboard.

So Ieuan needs excuses - Now. Things are becoming obvious to the troops. So why not blame Conservative and Labour MPs. Doesn't matter if there's no justification. The fact is that neither I, nor he has heard anything we weren't expecting. We knew that in the negotiations, Rhodri Morgan was not speaking for his MPs. We all knew that. And its no good complaining about MPs asking questions about the Legislative Competence Orders they are looking at. No way were MPs going to just rubber stamp things. If I could see that the Government of Wales Act is a 'Recipe for Conflict', why could not Plaid Cymru. No, the MPs are doing the job that Peter Hain told them they would be doing when he was persuading them to put this divisive Act on the Statute Book. Ieuan Wyn Jones has been taken for a ride. The interesting question is whether he knew it at the time.

My view is that we may see the referendum in 2012, and that's nothing like certain. Just don't pretend that you didn't see this coming Ieuan. Not all of us were born yesterday.


Janet F said...

Good performance by your MP on wales Today over the closure of Post Offices.
polished performance.
7,000 majority will take some beating!

Graham said...

It won't be the first time politicians have promised a referendum and then changed their mind!

Glyn Davies said...

Janet - and it was my own b****y Post Office. And I'm told he was on 'Loose Women and The Richard and Judy show - and he's on the Apprentice tomorrow. All I've been doing is working in the constituency.

Graham - but this will upset his own members - and I want them to vote for us!

Emlyn Thomas said...

Bottom line is, he is the sitting MP with a majority of over 7,000.
He is the man who's opinion will be sought first.
Running around trying to fit in all the want to be MP's is an impoosible task.
Hardly a marginal seat is it??

Anonymous said...

have you seen what Lee Waters is saying on IWJ very interesting,check my blog or Our Kingdom.
I am not impressed by celebrity - thats not his job I hope he is declaring all these fees and making up his time in his main job

Glyn Davies said...

emlyn - I wasn't complaining. I realise that sitting MPs have a massive advantage. And I realise that the 12% swing that I need is also massive. But you never know. Althouigh you are correct to say Montgomeryshire is 'hardly a marginal', my party has identified us as a target seat - so there are some who think its possible.

VM - I read it on Our Kingdom yesterday. I'll read yours later. Lee is a sharp observer, and his theory cannot be dismissed - but I'm not convinced by it. It could well come to pass, but it will be driven by events rather than cunning strategy.