Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm Backing Boris

First time I met Boris Johnson was when he came to Welshpool to speak to the Wales European Women's Committee. I joined the meeting and took Boris to meet the train at Shrewsbury Station after the strawberry tea was over. At the time, he was on the first leg of his political journey, cutting his teeth, fighting Clwyd South (I think it was 1997). He struck me as a serious and thoughtful politician, nothing like his public image at the time. I've also been a subscriber to the Spectator for most of my adult life, so realise what a brilliant journalist Boris Johnson is - so good in fact, that initially, I thought his entry into active politics to be a great waste of such wonderful journalistic talent.

I really hope he succeeds in his bid to become Mayor of London. As always, I find myself at one with Charles Moore. He has the ability and personality to put a smile on the face of the great city. It would also remove from office one of the politicians that I most dislike. Ken Livingstone is everything that I find unappetising about modern politics. And of course, it would be a terrific boost for the Conservative Party. It would send out the message that after more than a decade of confinement to 'opposition' we are once again winning big elections. Its no wonder that Gordon Brown is swallowing his pride (and a whole lot else besides) to endorse the incumbant, a man he is known to detest. I really want to spend a day on the campaign trail in London during April, just so that I can say I was there when Britain showed the world that she's ready for a Conservative Government once again.


Dr. Christopher Wood said...

If Londoners don't get up on election day and vote for Boris, the very next day they will be waking up to severl more years of Ken Livingston.

Same goes for you Glyn, if the good people of Montgomeryshire don't vote for Glyn Davies they will be waking up to several more years of Lembit Opike and all that jazz (all that entails).

Source: a line or two from Boris, prospective candidate for Mayor of London.

Anonymous said...

The good folk of Montgomeryshire are not idiots. Lembit Opik has zero credibility. I have voted for the Liberals throughout my life. I would rather die than cast another vote for rentapolitico Lembit. And I am one of hundreds of people saying the same thing. Sad but true. If the Lib Dems persist with the car crash that is Lembit, they will lose the seat.

Tom Pugh said...

Yet Ken keeps getting re elected, someting about him the masses find appealing.
Same as George Gallaway and the like.
Something about us Tories the public do not like or trust.
I do not like it, but it appears to be true.
I think a lot of the problem is the local associations, NOT saying yours, but some are very aloof on a local leval, snobs so to speak.
Michael Ancram, a true blue blood, could be nothing further than a snob.
It's all very strange, perception.

Glyn Davies said...

Tom - Boris seems to be the favourite now. Its true that it has been a struggle for us over the last 15 or so years, but we are well ahead in the polls on a consistant basis for the first time since ealry 90s, at least. I sense that this time the voters have sussed out labour, including Ken Livingstone.

Che Grav-ara said...

This is a big election for Cameron. If Boris doesn't win where then? For all the polls the biggest city in the UK, the one area you would think Cameron's approach would succeed will have rejected him. It could be a major blow and derail the Tory's.

Equally if Boris does win then Brown would have lost the city. The self proclaimed saviour of the economy will have handed over the economic capital of the UK to the Tories and been dealt possibly an unrecoverable blow.

Interesting times.

Glyn Davies said...

Che - I agree that this has become a very big election. Its only recently that a Boris win has looked possible. It would be a massive boost if we did win, but I suppose that you are right in that the more public expectation is raised, the more of an impact defeat has. Interesting times indeed.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Really great stuff about Boris; as reported on Guido Fawkes' blog, 'Boris will lead for the Tories against Harriet Harman tomorrow at PMQs'

"Lets face it, Boris is better known than most of the shadow cabinet, this will give him a chance to show leadership, he will crush Harriet Harman at the dispatch box" ...

"Is this a high risk strategy?"

"Not really, he is up against Harriet Harman ..."