Thursday, March 13, 2008

Big Dragon's Eye tonight.

Two hugely important issues on Dragon's Eye tonight. And both of them challenging the horrible belief that underpins the Welsh Labour Party that 'Government' is all powerful, is always right, and not open to any form of independent opinion. The first issue was the refusal of the Assembly Government to establish an 'Independent' advocacy service for children. The hugely respected Sir Ronald Waterhouse launched an astonishing attack on the Assembly Government. He said he was scandalised, thought that the Government was afraid of exposure, and that the Assembly Government's 'alternative' proposals to provide advocacy for children would fail. We also had Helen Mary Jones, Plaid Cymru AM, a member of one of the governing parties joining in the assault - in effect against her own party. Astonishing. I've cannot remember witnessing such a blistering attack on a Government about the way we treat our children.

And then we had Peter Hain on, launching another attack on the the underlying fundamental philosophy of Labour Assembly Government's since 1999. Of course the language was not as colourful as Sir Ronald Waterhouse's - but it was an attack on the 'freebie' strategy that has led to a bloated public sector which as Peter Hain so rightly says is stifling the private sector in Wales. Its really very odd watching Peter Hain striding around the TV studios of Wales talking so sensibly. Oh that he had said this sort of thing when he was in a position to make a difference.

As I retire to my bed, with the glint of the Dragon's Eye still boring into the receptive part of my brain, I have never felt so certain that Wales will never be economically successful until Labour is out of office.


Frank H Little said...

So Peter Hain is not only eyeing an AM-ship, but one on the Tory benches?

Anonymous said...

Well it's clear the Conservatives will win the next general election - just a question of waiting...

penlan said...

To my surprise,I agree entirely with Mr Hain.The public sector in Wales is now of Soviet era proportions even though the nationalised industries have departed.Plaid,I think,are even more deluded than Labour.If they seriously desire an independent Wales then,with the present Welsh tax "take",we will be impoverished unless we cultivate a far larger private sector beforehand.The money will not be there to spend.

Anonymous said...

we need some informed thinking on the Welsh economy and the needs of the various sectors for them to grow.
We have to create wealth and we have to look after our most vulnerable.
To get it right we have to use people who understand and have walked the walk not just talked the talk to use a cliché
We do not seem able to do this in Wales Advisors are appointed by the old pals act not the CV they can demonstrate
I am so fed up of what's happening to our economy and society here.
Add to this the information coming out around a growing trough of goodies that our elected members can dip in when we are not able to resource the needs of our most vulnerable-I just look in amazement at what Labour - who are supposed to have social justice at the core of their beliefs now realise why I left this party over 10 years ago when Blair came in.
What hope Wales - I think it has to be Rainbow

Here's Hoping said...

i agree that Labour take things for granted, why should we be shocked its the old boys network and labour lovvies who run things here in Wales.

However, the issue for me is why no other party has been able put proposals forward for political change that captures the non labour voting welsh public in sufficient numbers, until that happens we are stuck with the status quo sadly and Wales will just get worse.

David Cameron's Bike said...


You may enjoy this piece from am attack on one of your colleageus, Prof DJE, by a certain Mr Leighton Andrews AM in 2006, when the good academic had the gall to suggest in a Western mail article that there were too many public sector jobs in Wales.

"Now, I have seen the loss of manufacturing jobs in my own constituency, and the challenges that we face in this area are enormous. I have spent half my working life in the private sector, running small businesses, and I also set up my own business, built it up and sold it on. I don't know whether Professor Evans has ever done this. But I am clear that we need strong public services to underpin a dynamic economy. What I find unacceptable in Professor Evans's article is the implicit attack by someone in a well-paid publicly-funded job on the creation of valuable but less well-paid publicly-funded jobs in nursing, teaching and the police".

Could be talking about a certain MP for Neath, couldn't he....

Insider said...

two points for Peter Hain on his new crusade.

firstly why if he believes this is the case didn't he do something about it when he was Secretary of State, after all he had regular meetings with Rhodri Morgan during that period did he raise these issues with the First Minister.

secondly does he think that the many Labour people both politicians, civil servants, union and business with vested interests in keeping Wales as it is and are simply going to roll over and do what Peter Hain has asked them too?

Glyn Davies said...

Frank - Peter's no Tory. He just seems that way when you compare him with the anti-private sector prejudice that trips off the lips of Labour in the Assembly.

anon - hope we don't have to wait too long - for the sake of Wales.

penlan - more wonderful common sense. Pity Rhodri Morgan can't see this. He would make a complex intellectual arguement to prove you how wrong you are - and be still making it when HMS Welsh economy sinks completely.

VM- At least you are asking the important questions - and not from a prejudiced standpoint. I'm long believeed that the public sector is too dominant an Wales. I don't want to seem overly partisan, but I heard very few AMs who seemed to understand this. Alun Cairns understood it best. Labour's answer to every challenge was to boast how much public money they had thrown at it - never the outcomes. Its a shame that Dylan Jones Evans wasn't elected. Perhaps you should think about becoming an AM yourself. I remain very keen on the 'Rianbow' - but lets not delude ourselves that it would have all the answers. I don't think therewould be much appetite in Plaid or the Lib Dems for the sort of measures that would boost the private sector.

here's hoping - this is the big one as far as I'm concerned - and which causes some Tory supporters to attack me for my views. There is a history that anyone who is serious about removing Labour (and create a genuine democracy) has to engage with. I want the Welsh people to look on my party as a party committed to Wales, to Welsh culture to the Welsh Language and to a successful Welsh Assembly - the prerequisite for them to listen to us. Then we can win the arguement.

DCs bike - it was meaningless tribalism, ignoring the sense that Dylan was speaking. Leighton's always had a down on Dylan for some reason. I wonder what he thinks of what Peter Hain is saying.

insider - the reason Peter's case is suspect is because he didbn't make it when he could have made a diffference - and Assmbly Labour will not listen to him now. If Peter carries on, he may find unfortunate things appearing about him in the newspapers. He will very quickly find himself banished to the wilderness.

Anonymous said...

For further views on the advocacy issue, see:

Anonymous said...

I've no doubt Cameron won't let the present mess in the economy, health, etc, continue. He will certainly step in.

Dixon Egbunike said...

We should see more ethnic minority members in the Assembly.
Not a fair representation at the moment.
Cameron has talked a lot about it, but done very little.

Anonymous said...

Cameron will probably have other things on his mind when he first gets in. Will take him a while before he sorts out Wales.

Anonymous said...

"anon - hope we don't have to wait too long - for the sake of Wales."

for the sake of Britain

Glyn Davies said...

anon - not sure what you mean by Cameron 'stepping in'. Wales will have to sort its own problems out. The Centre'Right in Wales has a responsibility to strive for the right to exercise power in Wales. Washing hands of Assembly Government, hoping that Westminster will step in, is just not a realistic way to look at things.

dixon - while I sympathise, in general, I'm not in favour of positive discrimination. I think we should be doing more to generate interest and 'train' minority groups - and women, where my party still does not have a good record in Wales.

anon. - The context of this thread was Wales - but you are so right about winning power for the sake of Britain.

Anonymous said...

"I think we should be doing more to generate interest and 'train' minority groups - and women, where my party still does not have a good record in Wales."

Glyn, I have say that that is a very patronising comment. To suggest minority groups need to be 'trained' is effectively saying that they are not yet ready to become involved in politics. You ought not to talk down to people like Dixon, who, for all you know, may have a double first and be a successful businessman.

Your comments about women are equally worrying.

After the general election, when the Conservatives will probably be governing Wales, there will have to be a significant improvement in attitude. I want to support the party, but remarks like that worry me.

Dixon Egbunike said...

I need little training thank you very much.
I employ 30 people, have a liquid business exporting to all over the world, pay BRITISH tax, and have never received any grants of handouts, something a farmer may well find hard to comprehend.
My Father came to this Country penniless and made his first million legally I may add within 10 years.
I have always donated a portion of my earnings to charity, BRITISH charity by the way, some thing a few of your ex colleagues are making a fuss about threatening to do, all for political ends.,
So if you think some of my friends and family need training, perhaps you need to look closer to home!
I made no mention of positive discrimination!

Anonymous said...

"not sure what you mean by Cameron 'stepping in'. Wales will have to sort its own problems out."

But when the Tories win the election, they will be in charge, surely?

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - Sorry (and to Dixon). Not what I meant at all. 'Training' was the wrong and a thoughtless word to use. What I've wanted to see for many years is a campaign to encourage more people from minority groups, and women, to want to become involved in Consevative Party politics. Its a circular thing. Because not many currently represent our party, not enough put names forward for selection. Its improving (from a low base) but there's still a lot to do - eg, in Wales, 11 of our 12 AMs, and our 3 MPs are white males. A lot of the discussion I've been involved in over the years has been about some form of positive discrimination, which I'm instictively opposed to in selection procedures. But I do think we should discriminate in our efforts to persuade more candidates from minority backgrounds, and more women to put up. Our party needs to more fairly represent the people we seek to serve.

Dixon - Sorry. Thoughtless use of language. Above anon reprimanded me as well. I'll not do it again.

anon 2 - Even if Conservatives are in power at Westminster, devolution will greatly curtail influence on what happens in Wales. Its important that we seek power in the National Assembly as well. I just don't think any UK Government will have the will to push through another Government of Wales Bill through a new Parliament - and so much of the power to improve service delivery is now vested in the National Assembly.

Dixon Egbunike said...

Just to let you know Mr Davies, this ethnic who might need some training before I became worthy of been admitted to Politics has been up for 90 mins, normal start of working day for me.
The first of 10 workers are due into work in 30 mins or so.
I shall be able to see you reply when I have time, more than likely when I get home tonight at about 20.15 hours.
Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

" Even if Conservatives are in power at Westminster, devolution will greatly curtail influence on what happens in Wales."

That can't be right,surely. If the Conservatives win, then they will be in charge everywhere. First thing they must do is get rid of Rhodri Morgan who is a complete waste of space, and then ensure that the assembly sorts out health. It can't carry on like this.

Good thing is that you will be part of the team if the opinion polls are anything to go by.