Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fear of the Spin Doctor

7.55 a.m.. Waiting outside the Berriew Spar, desperate to see what the Wales on Sunday's Spin Doctor column has to say about the little difficulty I experienced with a 'risque' blog post this week. I've been subject to the most cruel ridicule by the Spin Doctor in the past, so I just knew I was in for both barrels today. Must admit it could have been worse. The gist of the piece was that he regretted my declared intention to eliminate from my blog anything which might be considered suitable material for his column. He might be onto something when he goes on about what might be in the drinking water in Powys though. Despite the damage it would cause to the environment, I'm considering switching to bottled water on - at least on a trial basis, to see if it makes any difference.

Pleased I read the Spin Doctor column today because of its helpful interpretation of how they do politics in Caerphilly. The column reports as follows.

Jan 17th. 2008. Wayne David said "Post Offices in these valley communities are particularly important for elderly people. Not only do they provide a service, but they also provide a focal point for senior citizens. I would hope that people speak up strongly in support of their post offices. If people value their post offices, they have to stand up and be counted."

Mar 18th. 2008. Wayne David voted against a motion in the House of Commons to suspend post office closures - and is quoted as saying "I have always said the Post Office cannot keep losing £500,000 a day nationally. Money has got to be saved, but its up to the Post Office how to save that money."

1. The Labour Government of which Wayne is a part, skewered the Post Office by removing getting on for half of its business, and has instructed the Post office, which it wholly owns, to close 2500 post offices across the country.
2. I read somewhere that Wayne David did not vote last Wednesday, so I'm not sure if Spin Doctor has got that bit right.


Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy at its best

Peter Black said...

According to Hansard you are correct, Wayne David did not vote.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

There was a time when the government of the day took a lot of effort not to mislead Parliament, but with the shameful contempt of the public routinely shown by Gordon Brown's government it seems that the UK is looking more like a pack-of-cards than a robust solid nation. Imho, all part of GB's game plane.

Glyn Davies said...

Peter - where did you get that shirt?

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Fire sale?

Anonymous said...

I read that David was in fact a teller for the government - a convenient ruse to avoid looking as if he had opposed the motion -which in reality he had. He's almost as bad as Betty Williams.