Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lifted up and dumped again.

'Fuse' is a shop on Broad Street, Newtown, which sells CDs, books and lots else. Called in today to see Russell, who owns the business. Kate, an attractive twenty-ish (perhaps a teenager) young woman was there, searching for a Johnny Cash CD. I'd never met Kate before and because of the excitement, I'm not sure that I'd recognise her again. All that I can say is that she lifted my spirits up high and filled me with hope only to then smash it to pieces about my feet.

And how did Kate do this you may ask. Well, the context is my taste in music. Its so 'old'. Not for me the Arctic Monkeys who so thrill the Prime Minister, or the Jam, who do it for David Cameron. I go for Bruce Springstein, Status Quo, Neil Diamond, Simon and Garfunkel and ....Johnny Cash. You can imagine my excitement when I heard a first time voter actually searching out one of my favourite artists. Couldn't resist it. Said something about her good taste, and how I liked his 'raw' San Quentin type music better than the 'pop' stuff like 'A boy named Sue'. Really felt I was connecting, and then.....

and then she told Russell she was buying something for her gran. Oh, the embarrassment of it all. I went straight outside and had a haircut. Next time. I'll pretend to know something about Radiohead and Duffy.


Left Field said...

Lol, at least you've heard of Duffy.

My wife is down with the kids when it comes to music. But sometimes I sound like the stereotypical high court judge "...and who IS Amy Winehouse ?" :-)

Glyn Davies said...

And Michael Ball's a friend of mine. Not sure whether that's a plus or not. I worry about Amy. Such a talant' but for how long?