Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heather Mills.

I do try to see good in everyone. Heather Mills is a bit of a challenge. But she has brought a little sunshine into our lives today. Firstly, by her claim that her divorce settlement of £24.3 million will condemn her daughter, Beatrice to have to travel B-class, while her father travels A-class. I know train and air fares have gone up but.... And secondly by throwing a jug of water over Sir Paul Macartney's legal representative, Fiona Shackleton in court. From the 'before and after photographs' in today's newspapers, I have to say that the wet bedraggled look bestowed upon Ms Shackleton a wanton and rather fetching appearance. If she wants my advice, I'd recommend she considers adoping the wet look on a regular basis. She might even try wearing a T-shirt as well.


Anonymous said...

Vulgar comment, Glyn. Not good. Not expected of a prospective MP.

Glyn Davies said...

anon - Well yes, maybe. Near the edge, but not over it - at least in my opinion. But if anyone else complains I'll delete it, at least the line about the wet T shirt.

Ted Jones said...

Glyn you old goat you!!
ha ha

Anonymous said...

Have you seen what the judge said about her today.As my old Nain would have said "so bad a cat wouldnt have licked her"
She told so many lies to the court.
My concern is for that little girl being brought up by such a volatile and unstable woman.
Lighten up anon

Atilla The Hun said...

"Vulgar comment, Glyn. Not good. Not expected of a prospective MP."

Best we find out now what he is like, be it good or bad.
I must admit I agree with Glyn about the way she looked a lot better with the wet look.
Not sure about the Tee Shirt idea.

Glyn Davies said...

VM - Seems almost beyond parady. So bizarre that I wonder about her state of mind.

Attila - I've managed to totally cure myself of the racist and homophobic humour that was everywhere in my youth - and I no longer find lavatorial humour to be funny. But I do have a tendency to slip into 'innuendo' humour on the rare occasion. Still a bit of re-education work needed!

Anonymous said...

Glyn you've offended Jenny Willott how dare you! I must say i agree. Well maybe I wouldn't go so far as the wet t-shirt but certainly she did look better (and about 10 years younger) thanks to a bit of water in the hair.

Not defending a tory but surley Heather Mills petulance in throwing water and the vulgarity of her demands should be the talking point, not glyns bit of titilation!

Glyn Davies said...

I'm not approving any more comments on this post. Sorry about that.