Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tally ho forever.

An article in today's Telegraph will make every man (and for man also read woman) of a libertarian bent rejoice. The Hunting with Dogs Act is an embarrassing failure - embarrassing to the prejudiced, ignorant Government which forced it onto the Statute Book that is. It seems that it has actually increased the number of foxes killed, - while decimating the number of hunt protesters, and hugely increasing the popularity of hunting. The country sport has never been so popular.

Despite this The League against Cruel Sports, which had a hand in drafting this extremely badly drafted law, seem to be happy with the way things have turned out. Clearly, their aim must have been little to do with protecting foxes, but a lot to do with getting an Act of Parliament passed. Jim Barrington, a former Director of the League who has changed his opinion and now favours hunting under licence, explained that since the League feels responsible for the Act, it must claim that its working well even if its not. The worst of it all of course is that the sum total of cruelty to foxes has increased because of the increased and far more cruel use of alternative ways of keeping the fox population down. In a spirit of generocity I forgive them, for they know not what they have done.


Anonymous said...

will you promise to reverse the ban if you are elected as our mp glyn

Anonymous said...

Agree Glyn keep the minority out of ruling the majority views

Glyn Davies said...

anon - I cannot make a promise but I believe David Cameron has said that he favours allowing Parliamentary time to reconsider the Act. I would do my best to remove the Act from the Statute Book.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

A sound like the “Hunting with Dogs Act” is the Act with "no clothes". Once an Act falls into disrepute, even one with 'no clothes', it gets consigned to the statute-dustbin where it will gather dust and finally be forgotten. There are a lot of statutes that have fallen on hard times, forgotten and acting as my mum sometimes says, "A magnet for dust".

Glyn Davies said...

Christopher - There is an argument for allowing it to remain a magnet for dust, if the 'exempt hunting' clauses were to be amended. I was always in favour of this power being devolved. We are where we are so my preference would be to introduce a system of licencing, so as not to give fuel to the abolitionists.

Anonymous said...

Would you please tell me how you KNOW that more foxes are being killed now than before the ban? Gun packs used to take their toll, but since the ban, here in North Wales, gun packs have been THANKFULLY largely silent.
I can tell you this Glyn whatever your name is, I for one will fight TOOTH AND CLAW to stop foxes being eaten alive by vile bloodthirsty hunts! YOU CAN COUNT ON IT!!!!!!Check out my website -
During our campaigns which are being intensified - most people we speak to on the streets were very angry that Cameron intends to bring back hunting with dogs. Some were Tory voters upset that he's pandering to his hunting chums.
I'd also like to know why you think foxes deserve to be cruelly treated? And please don't give me that old worn out chestnut about pest control, since foxes are less of a nuisance than stray domestic dogs. Plus what hunts people know about foxes could be written a match box!!!!!
Really, you people are prize idiots, chasing a tradition that goes back to the the dark ages. Get a life!!!