Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Race is on.

I was a guest on Dau o'r Bae last Friday. Inevitably this weekend's Labour Party Conference came up, and Vaughan asked me what I thought was going to be the main theme. I said there would only one issue being discussed - everywhere except on the stage of course. As usual with party conferences, the real stories are in the bars, and in huddled groups around the fringes. A lot of what happens on the stage is presentation. No, the only issue under discussion has been who is lining up to succeed Rhodri Morgan next year. I'm pleased that Betsan has confirmed that my prediction came to pass


Oscar said...

You would be better thinking about your party, than the labour party.
Forget them, what about the Conservatives, precious little coming from them at the moment.

Glyn Davies said...

oscar - this blog is not just a Conserative blog. It comments on Welsh politics generally. as well as anything else which happens to be in my head at the time. Anyway, the identity of the next First Minsiter of Wales is a legitimate subject for anyone who is involved in Welsh affairs.