Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Say it again, and again, and again, and again.

When I heard all that stuff about about new citizenship tests which immigrants to the UK will have to meet on BBC news today, I thought it was sensible enough, but that I'd heard it all before. Thank goodness for the blogosphere - and Dizzy in particular.


Dr. Christopher Wood said...

I Approve This Message

The toe rag, otherwise known as Mr. Tony Brown, opps, Mr. Gordon Brown, the current PM ... this 'tr' has a pocket full of toffees and stories that he dips into when he needs the public to focus on something other than the major (and I mean MAJOR) cock-ups emanating from his party like their cock-up over the 'Bank of Rockland' – the farcical handling of the Northern Rock disaster. The release of anthrax spores, the mess over his secret talks to bring Sharia law into 'British' law (really English and Scottish law).

Frankly, I am a wee bit concerned that few have realized what Brown’s game really is. He is out to destroy the fabric of Britain. He concluded a long time ago that he hated what Britain stood for, so has set out to destroy this nation. Look at the way he flaunted the logo, “What it means to be British”. Yes, he wants to know what it means in order to line everything up to be shot down. If he can destroy everyone’s idea about what it means to be British he will, in his mind, accomplished his long cherished ambition, which is to destroy the very foundation of this country. In short, he is a conman and very few have spotted it.

He has a streak in him that is very anti-British, but he has a problem, he loves POWER. So you seem him do the daftest things as his mind focuses on POWER he pushes his underlying anti-British tendency back into his mind, but it still comes out as evidenced by his cunning in running down the MOD, the total disrespect he shows to the British taxpayer with the wasteful way he has run up the country’s growing debt burden; he despises the public as evidenced by his flaunting ‘news’ stories like the citizenship test.

Look at how he reacted to his fumbling of the election that never was. How he denied he was thinking of calling an election. He has a battle going on in his head, between his love for POWER and his need to be the last King of Britain. If he is the last King then in his twisted mind this means Britain is at an end. For there can be no more Kings of Britain if he is the last King of Britain – sound daft? Sure it’s daft, but that is how it is in his head.

Brown actually believes no one can see through him. The sooner he goes the better for the nation. Imho, he is a traitor to this nation.

Left Field said...

I believe that the new announcement says that potential immigrants will have to prove their worth to society.

Excellent. We could perhaps extend it to say...politicians. Let's start with Jacqui Smith ;-)

Glyn Davies said...

left wing - I'll have to think about this issue a bit more because I've just agreed to be a guest on Called to Order tomorrow night, where its likely to be one of the discussion points.

Must admit that I'm rather in favour of the principle of requiring immigrants to learn something about the UK when they move here. As always it will depend on how its done. Immigration has become a major concern in the UK and Government should try to diminish it where thats possible. But I do not like the idea of citizenship tests/classes being trumpeted and re-announced whenever the Government wants to look 'tough' on immigration. That was the point of my copying Dizzy's post. Why doesn't the Government just do it quietly and effectively.

Left Field said...

I'm Left Field...not so left wing these days. Although, I guess that's a relative concept.

Glyn, have you looked at these citizenship tests? I was in Smith's the other day waiting for Mrs Field to select a suitable novel, and I looked at one of these tests. I suddenly realised that if it were applied to the populus, many of us would be in deep trouble, me included!

Glyn Davies said...

left field - No, I haven't, which is why I'm a bit ambivalent about the issue. A strategy to enable immigrants to have an understanding of the UK seems to me sensible, but I mistrust Governments. At present these tests seem to be more for presentational purposes than a genuine attempt to promote social cohesion. Another of these issuea I need to know more about before claiming to have a firm opinion.