Saturday, February 02, 2008

Parkinson's Disease profile rising.

At yesterday's AGM of the Montgomeryshire Parkinson's Disease Society, I was re-elected President for another year. Really pleased about it. I went to the meeting to support this small local group, and I was unexpectedly entertained by one item of business. The meeting was addressed by a (very nice) lady from the national society explaining that every member of the Committee would be required to go through an 'induction' session - and that specific titles would have to be conferred on some of them to do what they had been doing for years. I could see a tide of antipathy to this bureauocracy swelling up in the breast of the meeting. This is the group of volunteers who have been running this small group for years. The lady did look a bit embarrassed about it. Anyway it was all sorted out with typical Montgomeryshire good humour.

And then today, I've been up to the HQ of EuropeanCare in Liverpool, the company involved in caring for vulnerable people suffering from advancing years and various illnesses (including neurological diseases) that I do some work for. Discussed the idea of participating in a trek to the summit of Mt. Toubkal, North Africa's highest peak and raising money though sponsorship for RESEC (research into elderly and specialist care). And then tonight, Parkinson's Disease was the lead item on Newsnight. It seems that the disease leads to all sorts of compulsive behaviour, including spending money and writing poetry! I've heard this reported before in a semi-humourrous way - but tonight it was being taken seriously. And its time. This blog welcomes the increased awareness of neurological illness that seems to be developing.


Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Raising money for research is not the same as funneling money to the right researchers.

So good luck with getting the research money to the researchers with the skills and know-how needed to come up with solutions to this dopamine receptor linked disease.

Glyn Davies said...