Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Life without Phill.

B*****ks. I don't think that I can cope without Phill. I've just wasted the entire night. Drove almost 2 hours to Aberaeron to speak to the Ceredigion branch of the Farmer's Union of Wales. Ran through my speech as driving there and felt in positive creative mood. Arrived to find an empty building, with lights out. Popped into the Harbourmaster for a glass of wine. Don't like to drive when I'm distressed. Almost 4 hours wasted. I've no idea what went wrong. Bet it turns out to be my fault. All I do know is that this never have happened when Phill ran my life.

In passing, I was deeply impressed with the changes at the Harbourmaster. It really does look the business. Didn't try the food tonight, but it looked as good as ever - which is very good indeed. The new restaurant is twice the size - and there will be 4 new bedrooms ready at Easter. Te place was full, on a Tuesday night in February. Says it all.


Conway Twitty said...

How an earth could you cope with a responsible Cabinet post???

Glyn Davies said...

conway twitty - I couldn't cope without Phill or an equivilent. When I was leading the Council I had Felicia, and at the DBRW, I had Pam 1, and at the Conservative Office in Welshpool there was Pam 2 (and still is) - and then there was Phill. If you remember, even Mrs Thatcher admitted she needed her Willy.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

I'm still missing my "right hand man". The bee went off to NASA and had the audacity to ask me for a reference! He worked part time at my law firm, was studying aeronautical engineering.

I gave him a very good reference - he's a natural in administration work and quickly learning complex filing/office/admin routines. I sure missed him, but NASA has "administration" in it, so I guess he's a natural there now.

He was such a good worker. Supported the left liberal faction in the Democratic Party and even supported the ambush on Senator Lieberman of Connecticut (I was 'up' for a post-doc in the town of Farmington, CT).

I noticed one day that he was a bit down, so I tried to cheer him up. Turned out his Nan (grandma) had died. They were very close. If I recall correctly, his dad was a 'bloody lawyer' like me, worked in Federal government - which is a BIG (MEGA BIG) employer around DC. If America catches a cold, Europe gets pneumonia and DC moves down a notch from 'on fire' to "too hot to touch". There are nearly as many government jobs around here as sheep on Welsh hillsides.