Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Feeling at home.

Been a good night for me. Went down to Brecon to speak to the Brecon and Radnorshire branch of the Farmer's Union of Wales. Probably the first time that a CPRW President has spoken to an FUW branch. I'm speaking to the Ceredigion Branch next week. I could pretend that I'm in great demand - but the truth is that I was invited because I offered myself! Shameless - but with a purpose.

I'm keen to challenge the perception that the Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales is only about people who have moved into Wales. I've heard this said often over the last few years. Its true that a lot of members have indeed moved in, and a lot of members do not actually live in Wales - but we want farmers and Welsh countryside lovers to become involved as well. Its important to engage with those whose skills and dedication had the biggest hand in fashioning that which we want to protect.

It was a great meeting, which would have gone on for hours if the Chair hadn't called a halt. A lot about wind turbines of course. But a lot about local services as well, and the important role of farming. Of course I feel at home in a roomfull of farmers, but I felt a sense that the audience started to look at CPRW in a different way. Anyway, I drove home thinking I'd done a decent job, which always puts me into a good mood, even when its without justification.

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