Monday, February 04, 2008

My doppelganger

Tory Welsh Press supremo, Richard Hazlewood has just emailed me a BBC online page reporting on the failure of a Welsh MP 'look-a-like' who has failed to find any work at all since being appointed. Well, last week I was enjoying a cappuccino in Starbuck's in Cardiff Bay when a lady came up to commiserate with me on losing my job as the Welsh team coach after our exit from the Rugby World Cup. And the occupants of the next table clearly shared her sentiments. I began to feel quite sorry for myself. If I see her again next time I'm down in the Bay, I'll tell her that last Saturday's result was built on the 'foundations' that I laid two years ago! And I remember the much missed Arsembly putting photographs of Gareth Jenkins and me, side by side on his/her blog under the heading 'Failed in Wales'. Politics and Welsh rugby can be such a cruel world.


Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Yes politics can be cruel ... especially for those that should have made PM but never quite got there.

For example, check this out:

Just copy and paste into your web browser and see, referencing Dylan Jones-Evans words, "... the best PM we never had".

Glyn Davies said...

Christopher - Events dear boy, events. It is entirely possible that he could still be prevailed upon. After all McCain is 71