Saturday, February 02, 2008

Big Match Draw.

The final whistle has just gone in today's big game in South London. The Welsh Assembly team has held the House of Commons and Lords Fifteen to a 5-5 draw. Phill, the Welsh team's Head Coach has just texted the result through. This sounds a good result for the visitors. I hope that Alun Cairns scored the try - or at least survived the game unscathed. I will post more details when I have them. At present, all of the players are so knackered that they are incapable of speaking to do any post match interviews. And now onto Twickenham, where I expect Ryan Jones to be the Man-of-the-Match, edging out Sheriden. I cannot bring myself to predict the result because of a conflict between what I want to see happen and what I think will happen. But I do think it will be a close game and that Wales will play well. A 5-5 draw will do nicely. Ireland and Scotland to win the other (tight) matches this weekend.


Anonymous said...

wales did you proud glyn but you were wrong about the man of the match. youwer right that ireland would squeeze home. speaking as a scot i hope you are right about tomorrows match as well.

Glyn Davies said...

Don't worry, the French never travel well - and they will still be on a downer after the World Cup, which they were hoping to win.

Wales defied the odds. I'm still afraid that I might wake up and itss all a dream.

Aberavon & Neath Liberal Democrats said...

There were mutterings in advance of the big match (that is, Assembly vs Westminster) by Kevin Brennan MP. He alleged on "Called to Order" that the Assembly had in the past fielded ringers (literally, in one case).

We trust that no sharp practice occurred on this occasion.

Glyn Davies said...

frank - we did not field any ringers last year. We played every AM who would play - Alun, Rhodri Glyn Thomas, Dai Lloyd and myself, and topped up with researchers and staff. An outstandingly good stand off named James happened to be working for the Assembly at the time. The year before, which was the first time the fixture was played, our team was me plus London Welsh Vets. This year, I understand it was Alun, some staff and some London Welsh Vets. I'd have 'guested' if I could have arranged my diary. Problem for the Assembly team is that its difficult to find AMs who will play.

Anonymous said...

if you are elected to westminster who are you going to play for

Harry James said...

Westminster MP's have more games to play than the olympics have games to play!
And that is just his own party.

Glyn Davies said...

anon - depends if anyone offered me a game! As it happens, the Westminster team did ask me to 'guest' for them in the week before the World Cup, but I was not able to arrange my diary.

Prasit said...

Your presuption serves you well.

I have been a County Councillor for 13 years.
As from May, NO more.
Had enough of the 4th form type politics.
What a bunch of no hopers.
My local special needs school will suffer, for I have always given most of my allowence on to them.

Glyn Davies said...

prasit - it sounds a loss to me. I was a Montgomeryshire District Councillor from 1976 to 1989, when I was tempted away to join the quangocracy. It was a hugely satisfying job, andf I would return to it if there was avacancy in the ward where I live. But Cllr. Lawton does an OK job, so I won't even think about it. Its a wonderful platform to prove yourself. In those days we only recieved £13.00 per meeting and some of us didn't bother claim that. Think carefully before you retire. I didn't like it to begin with (mainly because my father died the month I was elected, leaving me with a lot of rersponsibility) but it grew to be a big part of my life - and very rewarding.