Thursday, October 11, 2007

Whip's Reward

I've heard a rumour (stronger than that actually) that there is a move afoot to reward the hard work of the party Whips in the National Assembly with a generous increase in salary. I'm told that the sum being touted is an extra £1,000 per AM per year. Now this works out as a 'right tidy sum' as the typical Montgomeryshire hill farmer might say.

It means that the Labour Chief Whip would get an extra £26,000 per year, the Plaid Whip would get an extra £15,000 per year, the Tory Whip would get an extra £12,000 per year and the Lib Dem Chief Whip would get an extra £6,000 per year. Just imagine what the proposals would be if there wasn't an eye wateringly tight budget settlement for the next 3 years! Tell me what you think of this. And remember that comment moderation is on - so really profane language will be rejected.


Left Field said...

Perhaps you can encourage the Tory chief whip to donate it to the party (I was going to say charity, but that's going a bit far.)

Although, I would guess that all party whips will happily pocket it !

Anonymous said...

stirring again glyn. its a scandal and the bbc will report this as an exclusive on next weeks dragons eye when its all been approved

Glyn Davies said...

I have to say that the lack of outrage in response to this post has surprised me. It seems that the Commission in the Assembly which decides these things will be able to carry on with this plan without much fear of criticism. The Whips will thank me for testing the water for them. They must have been deeply concerned about what public reaction might have been.

Anonymous said...

South Wales Echo has run a story on the increased costs of the Assembly alongside another of Brain Gibbons ordering a suit on the internet whilst in the chamber. Nice work if you can get it. At this rate no one is going to risk another referendum on increased powers!