Sunday, October 07, 2007

The name is Ffion

Did you ever see anything so cute in your life. And did you ever see a taid so comfortable holding such a gorgeous little package.

There has been a lot of dithering over the name - but a decision was arrived at before Gordon Brown stopped his dithering. Libby, Sioned, Megan and Carys had been in the frame. Ffion was a late entry. I like Ffion - and not only because the wife of my favourite politician shares it.

The family returned home to Carno this afternoon. I think they are coming to stay with us next weekend - so I'm really pleased that Gordon eventually decided against holding an election this autumn. I promise not to put a new photograph up for at least a week.


Dylan Jones-Evans said...

Llongyfarchiadau Taid!

Anonymous said...

Nice photo for a campaign leaflet

Valleys Mam said...

Aww more piccies please