Thursday, October 04, 2007

Surely it can't be off

Just checked Iain Dale's blog and he's reporting that the opinion poll for tomorrow's Gaurdian and other polls are showing the Labour lead falling to around 3/4%. This is what I had hoped for - and expected. I've been at a loss to understand why Labour held such a lead in the first place. Brown's disgracefully opportunistic use of our soldiers who are based in Iraq, combined with David Cameron's confident performance at Blackpool may well have turned things around. I really hope so.

UPDATE. A YouGov Poll for Channel 4 tonight gives Labour a lead of 4% over the Conservatives, while a Populus poll for the Times tomorrow gives Labour a 3%lead. I'm being told that a Gaurdian poll tomorrow has the lead at 1%. Well, Mr Brown, "Whats it to be?"


Montgomeryshire Witness said...

Glyn: It would be more interesting if someone commissioned a poll for Montgomeryshire. I wonder how that would look at the moment? Perhaps you could persuade the County Times to ask Mori?

Anonymous said...

looks as if the electio is off glyn so no need to panic.

Glyn Davies said...

Mont witness - I agree, but I think its a bit unlikely because of the cost.

anon - I am not as sure as you. I'm sure that Gordon Brown has some private polling which will enable him to make up his mind. I think that his best polling is behind him.