Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pass me my Walking Stick

I feel as sprightly as a spring lamb this morning, skipping around the garden amongst the bunnies singing 'Its not unusual.". I say this to counteract any negativity there might be about my age. Less than five minutes into my appearance on AM/PM yesterday, and Phil Parry (who is no spring chicken himself) turned to me and said "And how old are you Glyn?". He'd just be talking about the deposed Emperor, Ming's unsuitability for leadership on account of his advancing years. He didn't ask Siobhan McClelland, my fellow guest how old she is. I'm 63 and I reckon Siobhan is about 33.

Really enjoyed the programme. It started with the 'tired- looking' Mike German (don't get snappy with me Mike - its just what everyone is saying) talking about the state of the Lib Dems. "How are things?" said Phil. "The Liberal Democrats are in good spirit. We have just had a wonderful weekend conference at Aberystwyh. There is a lot more 'territory' opening up for the Liberal Democrats in Welsh politics at the moment." Best laugh of the programme. Its the way he tells them. By the way, this was the conference at which both Mike and Lembit Opik resigned their leadership positions.

Back to this 'age' thing. I'd almost reached the point of asking for cocoa instead of coffee and for a lie down before part two when Siobhan saved the day. Phil asked her what she thought and she said that she looked on me as "The Tom Jones of Welsh politics". What about that then. I just sat back and waited for the underwear to start flying in my direction. But we went straight into Prime Minister's Questions which cooled things down a bit.

Gordon Brown was in better form yesterday, but he still smiles like a crocodile with colic. Cameron is the boss though. The PM looks at Mr Speaker most of the time, while Dave looks Gordon straight in the eye. Bearing in mind that the questions were about the dreadful state of the health service in Maidstone and the Prime Minister's refusal to hold the 'promised' referendum on the new EU Treaty. I thought he did OK. I had no idea what point Vince Cable was to trying to make when his turn came. He started off by telling us that he and Mrs Cable have a good marriage before ending the question about Inheritance Tax. Perhaps he's too old to cope! Gordon welcomed him and said that if the Lib Dems carried on changing leaders like this, every one of their MPs could have a go by the General Election. This was the only jole where he got the timing right. He's only almost too old.


Anonymous said...


I had the pleasure of working from home yesterday and enjoyed your performance on BBC 2. I couldn't beleive that you were asked your age - you should have stormed straight out, straight up to Llandaff and demanded to see any senior member of staff who wasn't expecting to be sacked today!

Glyn Davies said...

anon - to be fair, Phil asked me if he culd ask about my age before the programme started - and I do'nt mind at all. I've never thought it to be an issue - but I suppose it could be if I were to be elected and fancied taking over from David Cameron !!

Anonymous said...

People should realise that age is a really advantage when you are facing someone with the thought processes of the average 8 year old. It will make a change for the voters of Montgomeryshire to be represented by an adult in Parliament after the next election

alanindyfed said...

There should be a law against 'age'ism in politics,as well as in every other sphere.
There was a time when 'oldies' were respected and venerated.
I think we need to return to the time of Socrates or Confucius.
Sir Harold and Sir Anthony would have been shocked by these disgraceful proceedings. 'The Wind of Change' is upon us!
- From a brash young 67 yr old kid on the block.

Glyn Davies said...

anon - I have a lot of time for 8 year olds and wouldn't dream of talking them down!!

Alan - in general, I agree that we live in an ageist world. But its a prejudice that is just one element of the challenge that faces us every day. Some people are discriminated against because they are very fat, or very ugly, or severly disabled, or mentally ill or black. There are so many prejudices that are much worse.

Anonymous said...

Well Glyn I reckon Shiobhan will be more than a match for a cheeky girl when Lembit finally has to face you at the ballot box.........

Anonymous said...

Well, I met you last night at Whittingham Riddell in Newtown and I would say age is irrelevant to you, it's passion that matters! And I see what Siobhan meant about the Tom Jones of Welsh politics!!

Glyn Davies said...

Sioban is going to be bit worried about all this attention.

anon - I hope you are female!! Most people at the Whittingham Riddell do were male. And, in passing, can I wish WR all the best in their new venture.