Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Black Spot

So the teflon man survives. Not only is Mike German remaining as Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the National Assembly, but it looks as if he will become the leader of the Liberal Democrats in Wales as well. Unity seems to have broken out amongst the Liberal Democrats. Likely story! And when Gordon Brown called off the election, it was nothing to do with the opinion polls.

So let me share with you what I think actually happened. Peter Black treats his blog as I treat my red hot pokers. He protects it with great care. He posts what he genuinely thinks. When he said that he would stand against Mike German to force a leadership election, he meant it. They were not just empty words. Problem was that he needed another AM to support him. Now they don't come much more cunning than Mike German, and the old ivory tinkler spotted an opening.

There are only 6 of them. Mike knew that Eleanor Burnham wouldn't support Peter because she wants to stand herself. He also knows that Kirsty Williams is gagging for his job, but knows she is deeply out of favour with the Party at the moment because of the way she scuppered the Lib Dem's chance of power in a Rainbow Coalition. An election delayed for 9 months would do nicely. He knew that Mick Bates would do whatever's necessary to get his Powys based colleague into the leadership. After all he has a skin to save at the next Assembly election. And finally, he knew that Jenny Randerson would just do whatever he wanted - out of sheer loyalty. So Peter was 'stuffed'.

I don't think Peter Black minds that much. Look at it from his standpoint. A few months ago, he probably decided that as long as Lembit Opik, Ming Campbell and Mike German were leading the Lib Dems in Wales, they had no chance. Well Lembit's gone. Ming will be gone by Xmas. And Mike will be gone in 9 months time. My advice to every ambitious Lib Dem. Don't cross Peter Black. The 'Black Spot' is deadly.

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