Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pole Dancing in Cardiff

I had to check the date. Perhaps I've missed a few months and we've moved on to April 1st without me noticing. There was a headline in today's Telegraph that reported 'Pole dancing classes for teens'. Ah, surely it was something to do with dancing classes for the many Polish people who have come into Britain in the last year or so. Silly me. But no, it was pole dancing classes for children as young as 11. Now what loony council would do something as daft as this. Must be one of Ken Livingston's madcap schemes. "Come on Boris, save us from this lunacy". But no again. It is an initiative run by Cardiff City Council. Can you believe it. I have a flat in Cardiff and I pay Council Tax for this stupidity. The Telegraph reports that a spokesman for the Council said "The sessions are led by highly skilled professionals and have proved particularly popular with families wanting to try something together". Its good to know that our Councillors are spending my money so wisely! - or not.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Lib Dem Council is taking advice from Lembit's better half?????

Anonymous said...

this to me is such an offensive proposal
Pole dancing is sexual, its for male pleasure and nowt wrong with that.
For eleven year old no way
Plenty of other dancing they can do without the sexual bias.
This is just not on

Glyn Davies said...

I must admit that I haven't contacted the Council to ask about this myself. It seems so outrageous, on the face of it anyway, that I'm surprised that the Welsh media haven't taken it up.