Friday, October 19, 2007

A Happy Medium

Since I've lost my seat in the National Assembly, I've been looking at the debate in the Chamber through the glass walls, from the outside of the new building. I used to describe much of the goings on as 'sitting room politics' while I was in the 'sitting room' myself. Its even more 'sitting room' than I thought. And when the temperature rises its too often fretchedness and niggle that comes across. If ever I find myself back in the place, my ambition would be to inject intellectual aggression into the debate. Melding is the best at this - although Cairnsey's ankle snapping has its place. Rhodri Glyn used to be the best until he became the establishment. (That'll really wind him up if someone tells him).

I've been looking at what happens in other Parliaments for inspiration. In a debate in the Nigerian Parliament yesterday, four MPs decided to sort things out as I used to when I was the team 'enforcer' in my rugby days - straight forward fist fight. It seems that the Presiding Officer has been accused of spending £2.5 million of Government money on tarting up her office and official travel. This led to a bit of a rumpus. I wonder how much Dafydd El has expended on this sort of thing. My money's on Carl sergeant if it gets that far. Anyway, things got so out of hand that one of the MPs died in the melee. Perhaps there's something to be said for 'sitting room politics' after all.

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