Friday, October 26, 2007

Creative Thinking

On the last day of Creation, God crafted a wonderful new country, with beautiful mountains and rivers, populated by handsome men and lovely skittish women, all of whom sang and spoke in their own delightful language. God named this new land Wales.
St Peter, who had watched over this final act of creation asked "Are you not being too generous to this new land called Wales? Usually, you ensure that every land takes a share of the troubles of the world as well." A smile flickered across the lips of God as he responded "Just wait until you see the neighbours that I've given them!"


The Half-Blood Welshman said...

Surely St. Peter came a bit after the creation...?

Glyn Davies said...

I knew there was something about this story which didn't ring true!

Anonymous said...

Not if you believe God to be omnipotent!