Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bus Hopping

I have just had two phone calls concerning the appointment of Mr Tony Goodman to the employment of Veolia, a French company that has aggressively and successfully bid for school bus routes in Powys - and has put a few long established operator's noses out of joint. This is interesting because it was Mr Goodman, then working for the Council who oversaw the redrawing of bus routes earlier this summer, and the awarding of contracts that has caused such a stink over recent weeks.

There is nothing necessarily wrong with this - but it is interesting. I know the bus operators are deeply concerned about it. It would be reassuring if the Council's Chairman or Chief Executive put out a public statement about what has happened.

What is known is that Mr Goodman arranged the advertising and awarding of all the new school bus routes in Powys during this year's summer holidays. I'm told that Mr Goodman went on holiday on the day that the autumn term started, and was away when the balloon went up. We also know that Mr Goodman is no longer in the Council's employment - but at whose instigation he left is not known. And now I'm being told that Mr Goodman is to start work for Veolia later this month. I'm not surprised that bus operators are so concerned about this. And all this 'innuendo' is not fair on Mr Goodman. I suggest a public statement from the Council to clear the air.

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