Friday, October 19, 2007

Small Schools.

Managed to secure the most desired slot on the Wales Media today - an appearance in the top story on Wales Today. The issue was Gwynedd County Council's decision to close 29 small schools. I was emerging from the BBC Newtown studio, having jousted with Rhun and Bethan on Dau o'r Bae, when I bumped into local BBC man, Steve Jones, who interviewed me as President of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales. I was really pleased about this. Since I was elected preident, I've been keen to change the perception of CPRW from an anti wind farm group into a body concerned with the whole range of issues affecting rural Wales. This kind of interview helps a lot.

I have a lot of sympathy with the Councils which have to grapple with falling school rolls. We are simply not breeding as prolifically as we used to. I can see that sometimes there is no choice but closure. All I want to do is ensure that decisions are taken with every aspect of the debate properly considered. Firstly, there is the financial aspect where the 'cost' of pupils in a very small school is much higher. And of course, there is the educational aspect, which some people see as the only consideration. My input is to emphasise that there is an effect on the local community, where the school so often provides its heart. I bang on about this in an effort to ensure this aspect is given due weight. Its a tough call for councillors though - and while I might try to make the decision to close schools as difficult as possible for them, I'm reluctant to attack them if they do eventually decide on closures. I'm appearing on Good Morning Wales tomorrow morning as well. More publicity than when I was an Assembly Member.


Valleys Mam said...

read my blog Glyn about the IWA report on the Closure of small schools

Montgomeryshire Witness said...

It's good to see the BBC still has a reporter in Mid Wales with all the talk of redundancies. Also, having watched recent Wales Today programmes (and I don't get much chance to do that) I was gobsmacked when the Joseph Rowntree commission on rural housing was condensed to just 10 seconds. I'm glad you're keeping rural Wales on the map and representing us on BBC Wales to ensure they remember Mid Wales exists!

Glyn Davies said...

vm - will do

mw - The BBC have a good presence at Abertystwth, as well as Steve Jones in Newtown. Long may it continue.

Anonymous said...

but for how long will he bbc have a good presence at aberystwyth. when the axe falls it will surely be on mid wales