Monday, October 29, 2007

Heiniken Man

I may have moved on to Sancerre over the last few years, but I was rather pleased to read Martin Shipton's article in today's Western Mail referring to moi as possibly having the Heiniken factor in the debate about law making powers for the National Assembly for Wales. It seems that Martin thinks I might be able to reach some of those who are not engaged with the devolution debate. Could be. Mind you, I wouldn't pin my bonus on transforming David Davies, MP for Monmouth into a doe-eyed devolutionary!

Trust Martin to do something like that. There's me openly questioning what role there is for this recently announced Convention, the general aim of which is to 'prepare the ground' for a referendum on law making powers in 2011 - when he writes an article suggesting that I should be a member of it. It seems that my strength would be that I have always had respect for the views of those who describe themselves as devo-sceptics (respectful disagreement that is) and could engage them in debate. I see what he's getting at. Now, I have no idea whether there is any chance of being involved in this Convention - but it was rather nice to see myself lined up in Martin's 'Gallery of Possibles' which included Sue Essex, best Assembly Member that there has been, and the soon to be ennobled Dafydd Wigley.


Anonymous said...

I often ask myself what is to be done with David Davies.

Anonymous said...

....if you were pulled out of the hat to be on the Convention, methinks you would be a voice of measure, strategy and common sense....

johnny foreigner said...

You may have been named as the Heineken factor in this thread, but you've certainly failed to reach parts of the Brunstrom Revisited thread.

Your patient pal.


PS. I wish that I could move on from such important matters so easily.

Aberavon & Neath Liberal Democrats said...

You establish the fact that you don't have any bottles of the feeble europop in your house by mis-spelling "Heineken"!

- Frank Little (Tomos Watkin drinker)

Glyn Davies said...

anon - perhaps we could try talking to David Davies.

johnny - you are an impatient man. I would have moved on, but you and that anon General is yesterday's news have forced me to revisit an issue I thought I'd moved on from. It will probably be a new post now.

Sorry Frank

johnny foreigner said...

Not impatient really, Glyn, but you did promise a weekend response to the points made and then mysteriously deleted that promise. Why on earth did you do that?

You have made a rather robust posting about an important subject, made remarks questioning the professional competence of Mr. Brunstrom and asked questions that have been answered.

Move on by all means but please don't make a promise and then delete it as if it never existed.

Your peripatetic pal.


Glyn Davies said...

johnny - I have not deleted anything. Can't understand why you comment thus. I do want to respond - mainly because I'm interested in pursueing the matter. I have a lot to learn on the issue - and its never bothered me at all if I even if I have to backtrack. I do have a time problem - weekend was dominated by Ffion and I've been away from monday until now with only an hour's access to a computer - courtesy of the BBC on Tuesday afternoon. Will probably do a new post on it tomorrow.