Sunday, October 21, 2007


I have nothing against English sporting success - honest I haven't. But I was pleased that Kimi Raikkonen, driving his Ferrari won motor racing's Formula 1 Driver's Championship today. Our Lewis Hamilton is a truly fantastic driver, and a wonderful role model is the way he presents himself. I really hope he wins the Championship next year. But this year McLaren were caught cheating - caught red handed, illegally spying within the Ferrari camp. McLaren were fined £50 million and lost their constructors championship points. But there was an irrefutable case for stripping McLaren drivers, Hamilton and Alonso of all of their points as well. They may well have benefited from industrial espionage. They were allowed to keep their points for blatantly commercial reasons. Absolutely disgraceful. The lenient treatment of the drivers has undermined the credibility of the sport. Cheats should not be allowed to prosper when they are caught. So while we may sympathise with a young man who is blessed with genuine star quality and who I have no reason to think was involved in the cheating, we should all celebrate that justice was done.


Anonymous said...

if only the british press was so balanced in their reporting. the spying story has been convenienty forgotten by every newspaper today

Glyn Davies said...

We should not forget that Lewis Hamilton is a real star though. His team let him down, both in the deciding Grand Prix and over the espionage issue.