Wednesday, August 29, 2007

October 25th - General Election.

I am working on the assumption that Gordon Brown will call a General Election on October 25th. OK, so I don't think he'll have the b**** to go for it - but I'm ready. I've been out and about in Meifod tonight and will be in Llanfair Caereinion tomorrow night. All in preparation for Llanfair Caereinion Show on Saturday. Over the last week, we've done Berriew Show and Llanfechain Show as well. We are going to keep up the pace until 1st October. Only then will I accept that its not going to happen and ease off a bit.

I really think that I'm in with a chance of winning. So many people are disillusioned with the current MP, Lembit Opik that, at times, I almost feel like defending him - almost I said! More and more people are treating me as if I was the MP - coming into the office with all sorts of issues. I'm having a job to cope. Today it was Healthcare Acquired Infections, renal dialysis, cataract treatments, inappropriate planning permissions, and a whole lot else. I have a few 'downs' but things seem to be going incredibly well.

And I've just been watching David Cameron on Newsnight. The BBC have put their best team up to test him - the kitchen sink even. I do find Michael Crick a bit of a pain though. David looks like a Prime Minister. I feel that Brown will not go for October, which is his best chance for victory by a mile, and that Cameron is going to take over as favourite to win by the spring. I'm doing the sort of work I love doing, and I genuinly believe that there is a good chance that I will be able to carry on doing it asa an MP. Over the last few days, I've taken some time out to think about life - my life. And what I want. And what I want is to have the people of Montgomeryshire elect me to represent them. I've tried three times and failed. I fear I would cry in public if I were to succeed. I will have to buy a box of tissues just in case.


Mountjoy said...

His best bet is probably October 25th but he hasn't got the guts - just like he couldn't face a Labour leadership election.

I blogged last week on this.

My hunch is that Brown is terrified of a snap election, so will probably leave it until sometime next year ‘to establish his credentials’, by which time the opinion polls may have turned against him - and the economy may have gone haywire. Then what will he do?

johnny foreigner said...

I would be delighted to see you stand for election against Lembit Opik. He seems to have been completely seduced by the 'cult' of personality' and is devoid of credibility.

Apparently, his latest 'squeeze' claims that he has a wonderful 'personality'. This, of course, is the opinion of the twin with nipples under her arm-pits as a result of a 'boob job'. Hardly a ringing endorsement of her judgement, I venture to suggest.

Lembit always reminds me of the gormless and nerdy kid at school whose parents had a 'few bob'. He tries so hard to ingratiate himself with people as a result of his 'cool' hobbies.

Lembit the motorcyclist, sky-diver, pilot, socialite, astronomer and harmonica player. As a player myself, I can only describe his performances of the blues as 'white and wooden'.

What a plonker!

If the good people of Montgomeryshire are unable to see through Lembit by now, they deserve what they get.

If the choice were to be based on credibility, my own vote, were I a constituent, would go to you.

Unfortunately, our politics are somewhat different, therefore, politically speaking, I would have to mark my Ballot in my normal manner i.e. "None of these Turkeys", with apologies to any of these avians that may currently reside with you.

I say "Go for it Glyn" as you are clearly a man who has a greater grasp on reality than that pillock Opik.

As far as you emulating the Opikian style of politics is concerned, I am quite sure that the fragrant Mrs. D. (please note the full stops to denote an abbreviation) would provide you with more than adequate protection and chaperonage from these un-cool temptations.

Glyn for Monty, send Lembit to Ponty......they'd know how to deal with him.

Your partly passerine pal.


Anonymous said...

You'd definately get my vote were I a constituent, Glyn.

Christopher Glamorgan said...

Talking of which, when are you going to temporarily change your blog title to 'Welsh Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Mongomeryshire'?

Or is there some rule that this cannot be carried out until an election is called

Glyn Davies, fighting for what matters, and for Mongomeryshire.

Glyn Davies said...

I have to admit that I was feeling a bit 'tired and emotional' by the time I posted this one. But I suppose a genuine blogger should not hide away feelings however maudlin.

Mountjoy - I agree

Johnny and sanddef - I hope my in-constituency support is up there with the that of those who do not vote in Monygomeryshire. I posted on armpits and once, and vowed never to do it again.

Christopher - I've left it as it - but I will discuss the best way of changing it to reflect my current status with daughter Sally, who is home from Nottingham today.

Anonymous said...

I'm going off on a complete tangent here and bringing you back to Montgomeryshire. You mentioned Llanfair Show, etc and I've raised an issue at Montgomeryshire Witness about bringing back the Montgomeryshire County Show for a one off next year. My rationale is that many of the rural shows around here have been cancelled due to the weather or affected by foot and mouth. So why not celebrate something next year with a one off big show, supported throughout the summer by all the other shows?

Daran said...

Glyn - Ladbrokes don't agree. They'll give you 6-4 on 2008 or 2009, and 3-1 on this year. If your hunch is that good, have a flutter ;)

Glyn Davies said...

Mont witness - I will do some work on it - but I do think Llanfair Show has taken over the slot to some extent.

Daran - I reckon the odds are about right - and they mean that I must take Oct 25th seriously, even if I think it unlikely that an election will be called then. It is only the EU constitution issue that stops him going for it. But it will be a big mistake by Brown - because I really believe that Cameron is past the worst.

alanindyfed said...

According to Ordo Gordo might forestall you and call an election for 4th or 11th October. Ind Cymru has long predicted an October election. Listen to the voices in the wind.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good omen for you Glyn!

Anonymous said...

I AM a constituent Glynn and I can tell you that Ladbroke's don't realise what's going on up here. So many people are going to give you their vote. Lembit Opik doesn't have an ounce of credibility any more. He cares nothing about Wales or this area. Rumour round here has it there's a lot more dirt to come about him. Leave his to his obsession with celebrity and loose morals. We deserve better

alanindyfed said...

By the way, thanks for adding me to the list.