Sunday, August 26, 2007

The gods - they walk amongst us.

Mrs D has always had a thing about Welsh rugby playing farmers. Not only was I 'selected' from a range of suitors some 40 years ago - but her current pin ups fall into the same category (now that Henman has joined Pat Cash in retirement). The two who have been catching her eye of late are Mark Jones and Mike Phillips. I should add that her eyesight and judgement may well have improved over the years.

And I had a chat with Mike this week in Cardiff. I was relaxing in the Bay when I passed him having a coffee outside Mimosa - so I wished him luck for today's game, next month's World Cup and the battle for supremacy with Justin Marshall over the season. But if I'm honest, I cannot see what made him leave the Blues to go to the Ospreys. Well perhaps I can guess - but its not the sort of thing to say to a God when he's in relax mode.

That's the great thing about Cardiff. It may be our capit(A)l city, but its still small enough to seem almost 'small town'. Tim and Adrienne are forever texting to say they have 'spotted' someone famous strolling around the Bay. I will not be at all surprised to see Mrs D having a coffee at Mimosa next time we're down in Cardiff..


Anonymous said...

Not trying to be clever - I really like this blog - but "they walketh" really annoys me! Surely it always was "they walk"?

Verbs used to conjugate as:

I walk
thou walkest
he walketh
we walk
you walk
they walk

"They walketh" was never right!
Sorry again but it does grate - no doubt like getting a mutation wrong!


johnny foreigner said...

Now, if your going to be that 'picky' Roger, how about the inappropriate use of the capital 'G' in 'Gods' and 'God'?

The capital 'G' is strictly reserved for use in the word 'God' as the name of Almighty God, The Creator and the Father of Mankind.

It should certainly not be used in the description of a bunch of nonentities who play that rather silly game with a oddly shaped ball.

In fact, if they were playing the World Cup on my garden, I would shout from the window and tell them to "keep the bloody noise down, otherwise, I will call the Beadle".

Of course, the multiple omissions of the full stops in 'Mrs', to denote an abbreviation, should also be noted and forgiven.

There again, you may wish to remind Glyn that the conjunction 'and' is never used to begin a sentence.

Unfortunately, Blamerbell, the ex-arch-blogger, would disagree with me, but then, what do I know? I'm not a 'professional' journalist with the BBC.

Glyn, also, has a propensity towards the use of 'open' punctuation, but I was somewhat comforted to see that he had sneaked a comma into the second paragraph.

Glyn's final paragraph contains one of my favourite 'faux pas'. The incorrect spelling of the word 'capital'. This, I believe, could be dismissed as a simple typographical error as the 'a' and the 'o' are at opposite ends of the keyboard. A simple forgivable error.

Heaven forfend that I should continue with my critique, but I cannot really ignore the second full stop at the end of Glyn's post. I think that this was just a mischief, carefully placed, in order to catch us out.

It is the 'silly season' after all.

Your pernickety, nay, punctuatorial pal.


........and before you say any more, I've just made up the word 'punctuatorial'.

Hey! If the Welsh Language supporters can do it, so can I. jf.

Glyn Davies said...

anon - apologies. I will edit it - before my mother-in-law reads it. It would annoy her too. Thanks.

Johnny - I just do not believe this. It used to be my spelling that caused me trouble. What is really shocking is that I took my 'O' level in English Language 12 months early and passed with distinction. Only goes to prove that standards were not that hich in the old days.

johnny foreigner said...

Glyn said....

"Only goes to prove that standards were not that hich (sic) in the old days."

johnny says....

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I am a product of the "old days" as well.

I would disagree with your statement that standards were not that 'hich'.

I am a product of the old 'carrot and stick' educational system.

Mistakes and failure to learn were usually accompanied by varying levels of violence and sanction.

This has resulted in my attainment of a reasonable command of the English language and my handwriting is quite neat as well. The writing of many thousands of 'lines' ensured this.

Whilst I have mixed feelings about the use of violence against students, nevertheless, it doesn't seem to have done me much harm. Although some would disagree.

How non-PC is that?

You have, unfortunately, failed to complete your homework on time.

The following still require your attention:

The omission of the full stop to denote the abbreviation in 'Mrs' and the further omission of a full stop after 'D' as this is also an abbreviation i.e. Mrs. D.

To the best of my knowledge the Lord God was only in 'relax mode' on the Seventh day, unlike your false gods who seem to be in 'relax mode' even when they are supposed to be 'working'.

Further, you may speak to God at any time but please take caution. If God speaks to you, you run the risk of a visit from the men in white coats.

The double full stop to end your posting still requires attention.

6/10. Could do better. See me after class.

Your proctitic yet propaedeutic pal.