Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The way he tells 'em

I've decided to give fellow-blogger, Peter Black a bit of coverage - in particular a lengthy piece that he has written for Lib Dem Voice, which was published yesterday. I thought I should base it on three quotes (with my explanatory additions in brackets).

How about this one to start things off. "the outcome of these discussions (coalition talks) was that we (the Lib Dems) voted to go into a Rainbow Coalition with Plaid Cymru and the Tories, only to see the nationalists walk away and sign up to a deal with Labour".

Don't you just love the way he tell 'em!

And then we have "It (the One Wales Document) relies shamelessly on gimmicks such as grants for first time homeowners and free laptops for kids".

He must have clean forgot the one about free toothbrushes! Please no comments about light bulbs.

And now for the pure invention. "It is also the case that Tory proposals for tax cuts at a UK level could well lead to less money being available for services in Wales".

Tell that to the Cornerstone Group! There's plenty more as well.


Christopher Glamorgan said...

As my 'offline' blog asks... Who would be a leader in a wicked, wicked world?

Well, it looks like Peter is attempting to answer that particular question. Full marks to him for trying to put a positive spin on events ;-D

Mountjoy said...

I hope there's free toothpaste with those toothbrushes!

Dr. Christopher Wood (avatar: "Farscape") said...

In his latest musings on his political log, Peter Black claims that the Lib-Dems stand for campaigners, enablers, environmentalists, civil libertarians, federalists, and social reformers. I would like to add one other thing that the Lib-Dems stand for, and that is outright cruelty to seniors.

No matter how many slogans and propaganda that Peter Black and his Lib-Dem colleagues come up with – the Lib Dems are an illusion, a big lie. Because at the end of the day the Lib-Dems threaten, coerce, and campaign for the forcible eviction of old people from their home. Seven seniors have already died under the threat of eviction from their home c/o the Lib Dem ‘party’ in Llanishen.

While the likes of Lembit Opik parties-it-up with plans to live with two cheeky girls – the flip side of this once respectable party is the horror being inflicted on the residents of Iorwerth Jones Home.

Glyn Davies said...

christopher - I don't know the issue you comment on in Cardiff - so cannot respond. And I almost admire Peter's brass neck for the way he describes the coalition discussions. In my opinion (if not Peter's) it was the Lib Dems who cocked up the 'Rainbow' at their Executive meeting in Llandrindod Wells. And I'm told that much of the blame lies at the doorsof Kirsty Williams, Alex Carlile and Richard Livesey - and I only report what I hear.

mountjoy - think of a young lad brushing his teeth with a free toothbrush, by the light of a free energy saving lightbulb, after finishing playing on his free laptop, in a house which had been bought with a £5000 gift from the public purse. That's modern politics for you.

Par Timer said...

Avatar – did you know that Lembit is back on the market for a girlfriend if the article in a Sunday tabloid is to be believed?

Have alook on this link http://www.sundaymirror.co.uk/news/columnists/malone/2007/08/26/sex-ban-will-stay-lembit-98487-19689277/

Glyn Davies said...

par timer - I'm trying to leave Lembit's love life out of my politics.