Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Lunch with Friends

Started on the champagne at 12.30 today. 10 old friends out for a long and lazy lunch in the village. Big Mike (Evans) was there - which inevitable led to rugby reminiscences. Funny how we always talk about the violence - and ignore all those stunning match-winning tries I scored. He was telling me that he'd had an operation on his elbow a few weeks back, and found the remnants of a tooth. Not sure what this tells us about the way Mike played the game - but it did make me wonder about the bit of bother I'm having with my elbow. Could it be something similar. I was a bit prone to use my elbow as an offensive weapon when I played. Or maybe someone bit me. It would be a lot more interesting than the plain old arthritis which it probably is.

It was a big mistake to mention the redundancy payment which I received when I lost my position in the Assembly. All my friends have a healthy disrespect for politicians, and there was so much outrage about my 'good fortune' that everyone seemed to forget that I didn't actually want to be made redundant. Our brilliant hostess, Sheila tried to change the subject by drawing every one's attention to the sun which had started to shine on us in the Caebychan conservatory. It worked - but not until Frank had muttered something about the sun shining more on some than others. Hugh was just making a funny sort of gurgling noise and chanting quietly to himself "I read Simon Heffer and I'm British". Good job I'd been sneeringly described as a Tory right-winger earlier in the week. Probably saved my bacon today.

Everyone was keen on what George Osborne was writing in today's Telegraph about scrapping Inheritance Tax on personal residences. This policy idea is a real winner - and it will still be seen as 'ours' even if Gordon Brown nicks it. I really think that the British people (I hope Hugh reads this) have realised that our current Prime Minister is responsible for over-taxing us - and they are ready to talk tax for the first time since the 1980s. I'm really getting the hang of this right wing stuff.


alanindyfed said...

" a political synonym for Englishness which extends English culture over the Scots, the Welsh, and the Irish" - Gwynfor Evans

Britishness...let us forsake the illusion?

Glyn Davies said...

Alan - the reason my dear friend, Hugh was proclaiming his 'Britishness' was because I'd said that I identify myself as 'Welsh' first. And Hugh also prefers 'Britain' to 'the UK'. I do so admire people who have opinions which they believe in and stick to through hell and high water - even those who are committed to an 'Independent' Wales

alanindyfed said...

Please advise your Welsh political friends to avoid the term 'British' in future as it has little meaning in the context of Wales and Cymru Fydd!