Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Indian Summer

Nanu Ram Jogi is clearly what we country types think of as a bit of a lad. I suspect he would be called 'Ram' for short if he lived in the rural Wales. Today's Telegraph records the achievements of this testosterone charged Indian farmer. He has just sired his 21st child at the age of 90. And he has attributed his remarkable powers of virility to a dose of camel's milk every day - and 'plenty of meat'. He also makes much of his 'lustrous' moustache.

And Nanu Ram Jogi has no intention of stopping here. He intends to carry on siring children until he reaches his 100th birthday. I did twice grow a beard when I was a young man, and did not notice any significant difference in virility. Perhaps I should try growing a 'lustrous' moustache and start drinking camel's milk.


johnny foreigner said...

Kindly spare a thought for the unfortunate recent children who have been produced by this old fool.

I wonder how long they will be supported for? I wonder how many times he'll play football with his sons? I wonder how he will ensure the education of his daughters? I wonder how much time he will be able to devote to the upbringing of these children.

They appear to have been produced merely to bolster this selfish old fool's ego.

21 children?

Virility, my arse.

Any fool can biologically become a father but it takes a real man to BE a father.

I presume that your apparent admiration for this profligate pensioner is influenced by your role as a farmer and hopefully, is made with at least part of your tongue in your cheek.

These children have been produced as 'stock' with no consideration for their future. Their father certainly doesn't have much future.

Your prudently parental pal.


alanindyfed said...

As usual JFs comments are diametrically opposed to my own.
I'd say this Indian gentleman deserves a medal and long may his virility stand.
These gargantuan individuals should be applauded and their feats recognised.

Glyn Davies said...

Johnny - The whole of my tongue was in my cheek - as it quite often is when I blog. The only criterion that influences me is that the item amuses me. Your comment has added to it. In fact, the 'family' culture that still exists in rural India will probably ensure that the 21 children and the several wives will be cared for as well as their contemporaries.

johnny foreigner said...

Alan and Glyn.

Whilst I appreciate that there is little to report during the 'silly season', to glorify this old fool's alleged 'virility' is, IMHO, quite wrong.

Fatherhood is much more than the basic 'mechanics' of reproduction and this man clearly has given no thought to the fatherly needs of the children. Presumably this man's wife/wives are merely there to act as 'brood mares'.

Despite your (Glyn's) tongue being wholly in your cheek. which I fully understand, the serious point that I seek to make is that no thought has been shown for the parental or pastoral care of these children.

I am fully aware of the extended family tradition in rural India and, keeping in mind the population explosion in this man's house and India as a whole, frequently repeated by the less well educated, I am somewhat disturbed that you still seek to pour admiration on his profligacy.

Presumably he has not heard of contraception.

Before long he will merely assume the role of absentee father. Not a good thing.

I have no doubt that these children will be fed and clothed by their extended family. Nevertheless, they are being cheated out of the advantages of having a father close at hand to care for them and guide them through life's travails.

I repeat: Any fool can biologically become a father, but it takes a real MAN to BE a father.

This selfish old fool is no MAN, IMHO.

It would be interesting to hear a response to this from a woman's point of view.

I am sorry to bring a more serious slant to this 'newsworthy' item, but, nevertheless, I feel that our first consideration must be for the future of these children.

Overpopulation is of serious concern in many parts of rural India and this man has done nothing to merit the admiration that you and Alan seek to heap upon him.

From Alan's glowing admiration of this person (I hesitate to call him a man), could this be a new Nationalist ploy.

Maybe in Nationalist Nirvana only Welsh speakers will be permitted to breed at any age, presumably Alan feels that he is up to the job, and their solely Welsh speaking progeny will be the saviours of Welsh 'culture and heritage'.

In spite of the 'silly season' being upon us, please spare a thought for these children.

Your pointedly parental pal.


Glyn Davies said...

Johnny - I wish you wouldn't do this. I was having a bit of fun. I'm sure no-one axcept you took it seriously (except perhaps Alan). If I had been trying to make a philosophical point, I could well have been saying the same thing as you - except that I would want to be sensitive about cultural tradition. The truth is (wearing my Wildlife Trust hat in particular), that I do think man's belief that he can raise his numbers to whatever the natural world can be manipulated to accommodate is a contemptuous use of the extra intelligence he has been gifted compared to other creatures.

I suppose I'm going to have to find a way of flagging my posts , so that you know which to take seriously!

johnny foreigner. said...

I'm truly sorry that I have appeared to have spoiled your bit of fun.

I am a thoughtful person and have spent my life in the service of others, particularly those in dire straits, who are frequently the victims of other people's selfishness. I suppose old habits die hard.

This story appalled me and I am seriously concerned that these children's plight seems to have engendered nothing more that a couple of weak jokes. I have yet to hear a single word of concern for these children. All that I have heard so far is cheery admiration for an irresponsible person.

I am certainly not without humour as can be seen in my various postings but I limit my humourous jibes to those who are able to defend themselves, not against innocent children.

You have clearly sought to amuse yourself and others at these children's expense.

Again, I am sorry that I may appear to be a little po-faced about this thread, but I sincerely believe that the overpopulation in India is due a shortage of contraceptive education in rural India. This apparently causes you much mirth.

Have fun by all means, but not at the expense of innocents.

Your po-faced yet positive pal.


Glyn Davies said...

I am defeated by your logical concern. Best for me to stop digging.