Saturday, August 11, 2007

Llanfyllin Show.

Started my campaign in earnest today - at Llanfyllin Show. We had delivered 'introduction leaflets' around the town during the week, and I was there from 2.00 til 6.00. Turned out to be a really good day. Partly because of support from lots of show goers. Perhaps, we should have a small marquee next year. Only Ukip had a presence there today. I called in to see my good friend David Rowlands, and signed his petition calling for a referendum on the new European Union Constitution, which Gordon Brown is trying to slip through by pretending it is something else. Pity they work so hard in the cause of Lib Dems.

I was also a bit lucky to get a TV interview out of it. Telescope were there filming an edition of Fermio. Alun Elydir was on his usual form. I was speaking more as President of the CPRW than as Tory candidate. You take it where you can get it. But it was a good day because I enjoyed the day so much. The terrier racing was the highlight. So totally anarchic, that I haven't enjoyed a 'stunt race' so much since the camel race at Llanfair Caereinion Show a few years ago. I've seen camels going like racehorses on the sand of the Sahara on the TV - but after a huge build up, the favourite ran 50 yds and decided to lie down - and the others stopped to see what was going on. Jockey got off and kicked the camel up the backside, but made no difference. The race was abandoned but the crowd laughed all the way home.

Still the start to my campaign has gone so well that I drove home imagining myself standing up making a maiden speech talking about 'my people'. Hope my confidence isn't as misplaced as the jockey on the favoured camel.


Anonymous said...

I hope youre ready to run in october glyn because it looks as if it could hppen then

Glyn Davies said...

Next spring would suit me better - but I'm ready if needs be.