Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Right-Winger - Moi?

Grateful thanks go to Welsh Conservative's Andy Coulson equivalent, Richard Hazlewood for sending me a copy of a press release which had emanated from the bowels of the office of Mark Tami MP. (Note deliberate use of the word 'bowels' - which gives a clue about my view of the emanated material). Mr Tami describes me as a right-winger. I shouldn't carp though, because this is rather good news for me - and I must ask him if I can use his quotes in my election literature. I have been described as a 'closet nationalist', and as a Melders-like 'pinko' - which has caused eyebrows to be raised amongst some of my more Conservative friends. It really is rather helpful to be contemptuously branded as a right-winger. And its all because of a post on my blog. Useful things, these blogs.

I'm supportive of many of the ideas contained in this weeks Redwood/Wolfson Report on economic competitiveness, which is now to be considered by the Party. I am particularly keen on the proposal that Inheritance Tax should be abolished. I'm also keen to see business taxes reduced. This is what seems to have led to the right-wing label. It all seems straightforward Conservative thinking to me.

I was basking in this new and novel blueish glow, intent on copying the evidence to my genuinely right wing friends (hoping that they would look more favourably upon me) when I visited the blog of Welsh Ramblings. Oh, No. All Mark Tami's work undone. It seems that my opinion (again expressed on my blog) that an 'Independent' Wales could be a successful nation (economically and culturally anyway) is groundbreaking for what WR terms a 'leading Tory'. Never mind that I am not in favour of an 'Independent' Wales (whatever that means). But I do think an 'Independent' Wales would almost certainly opt out of what I think of as our international obligations, and would probably give up on defence spending altogether. Thankfully, polling always puts the support for 'Independence' at about 15% of the electorate. Dangerous things, these blogs.


Anonymous said...

you are for giving the assembly primary legislative powers. Don't you think this is a long way to independence.

Glyn Davies said...

Devolving full law making powers in devolved subject areas is something I support. This is entirely different from my view of anything that can be reasonably described as 'independence'.