Friday, August 03, 2007

Glyn Davies - The Man

Did an unusual interview today. Jon Gower and Sian Parry Hughes visited the farm to record a half hour programme for Radio Wales which turned out to be intensely personal. Mrs D has already warned me about going on too much about cancer, especially as I want to be viewed as fully recovered rather than as a sufferer - but Sian looked into my eyes and I just had to answer her personal questions. It was the same when she was fronting Good Morning Wales a few years ago. She has always been more 'Vaughan Roderick' then punchy 'Felicity Evans'. Because I adopt a fairly open approach to my politics, I don't really mind this sort of interview - but I don't want to be seen as some sort of freak. I can't be the only obsessive who caught the political bug. Anyway, its going out in a month's time. I'll have to listen because when I go into freewheel speak, I'm apt to say all sorts of things.

Going out to a cocktail party tonight, pre-Guilsfield Show, which has just been cancelled - the show that is. Bloody nuisance. This was supposed to be the start of my election campaign. Will have to delay the start for two days - until the Llanfyllin Show in a week's time. Off to London in the morning to star in the Wales football team. Its McDonald's Parliamentary Shield time again - which has moved from the Millennium Stadium to Wembley this year. Alun Davies, AM has organised our team - and I'm greatly honoured to have been drafted in to give a bit of bite to the defence. I can still kick 'em - when I can catch 'em that is. Geoff Hurst calls me the Norman Hunter of the Welsh side - which makes me so proud. Anyway, my plans are London tomorrow, Charity Shield on Sunday, Kew Gardens on Monday and Wisley on Tuesday - so blogging could become a bit intermittent.

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