Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Led to defeat by a 'Burger King'

I was greatly honoured to be drafted into the National Assembly's soccer squad for last weekend's sixth annual Parliamentary Shield, held for the first time in London - a tournament sponsored by McDonalds. This year we were led into battle by Labour AM, Alun Davies who set out his stall before the semi-final against the Northern Ireland Assembly team by stuffing his face with a giant beefburger just before kick-off. Not sure that our new coach, Ian Rush approved of this unique form of match preparation. I just said that it was great to be led out by a genuine 'burger king' - and I don't think the sponsors thought much of that quip.

Desperate start. Paul Mewies (Sandie's spouse) dislocated his finger in the knock-up - but bravely soldiered on. We were all over them. Hit the post. Missed a penalty. Hit the post again. Rushie then made a tactical blunder by taking me off when I was just getting into my stride. "Call yourself a coach", I muttered under my breath. So annoyed that I ate a beefburger. He then put me back on again. I was impressed by Alun Cairns, who was much fitter this year. He's primed and ready to run for the Vale of Glamorgan. 0-0 at full-time. Paul Mewies broke his arm trying to save a penalty. Spent the night in Hillingdon General. We lost a game we should have won - an assessment accepted by Pat Jennings, the Irish coach who has become something of a friend of mine. Pat has the most amazing voice, a cross between Henry Kissinger and Richard Burton with an Irish accent. Its a voice to seduce an angel - and a terrific all-round good egg with it.

Lost out to the Scots in the third place play-off. Concede they were a lot better than us. Rushie wanted to come on himself to turn things around.but the Scottish coach, Kenny Dalgliesh banned him. The Westminster team won - they had the new Minister of Sport, Gerry Sutcliffe playing. So a bad day for the celts. And just down the road our boys were annihilated at Twickenham. And Gareth Jenkins made a real idiot of himself by saying that England surprised him by their decision to put victory ahead of a bit of a pre World Cup run-out. What the hell did he expect, I ask myself. No wonder Roger Lewis had to issue a vote of confidence in him today.

Anyway, I enjoyed the Charity Shield game between Man U and Chelsea at Wembley on the Sunday. The Millennium Stadium is good - but I have to admit that Wembley is even better. And Mrs D had a chat with Lee Sharpe which rather made her weekend. Resolved to be fitter for next year in case I have another late call. So I went out walking tonight, delivering leaflets introducing myself to those voters in Montgomeryshire who don't know me. As long as Gordon Brown doesn't call an election before next August, I should be better prepared for the challenge.


Che Grav-ara said...

Glyn.....for all your work making the Tories more appealing to the Welsh. positive wlehs langauge stance, good enthusiastic communicator! You have thrown it all away by claiming Wembley is better than the Millennium Stadium!

Shame on you! :-)

Glyn Davies said...

Che - I know it, but I thought it. Have you been in the billion ponds extravaganza? The new Wembley Stadium itself is magnificent. But its difficult to get to and its in London - so I still think the entire Cardiff package is better. And the Parliamentary Shield, which was played at Brunel University rather than next to Cardiff FC's ground was no match for Cardiff. Or is this me trying to repair the damage to my reputation?

Huw said...

Care to comment on the David Anstee defection, Glyn?

Glyn Davies said...

Who's David Anstee. Never heard of him. I met a farmer last night who has switched his support from the Lib Dems to us - which is just about as significant.