Thursday, August 16, 2007

Male Sex Appeal

I've often mused about what it is that makes Brynle Williams, Alun Cairns and certain others so damned attractive to women. What is the secret behind their 'pulling power'? Yesterday's Telegraph may offer us an explanation. Its all to do with the dimensions of their faces. It seems that some men have evolved short faces between the upper lip and the brow, which makes the jaw appear larger, the cheeks more flared and the eyebrows more pronounced - all of which makes them appear more 'manly'.

This information follows research by Dr Eleanor Watson, a paleontologist from the Natural History Museum. She is quoted as saying "As the male face becomes shorter and broader, the canine teeth have shrunk so that men look less threatening, and more attractive to mates". So there you have it lads. Before you set forth to find a mate, model yourself on Brynle and file down your canines. Let me know if this strategy yields dividends.


alanindyfed said...

The Balinese file their teeth. It is a custom there still practised today.
I don't suggest that the Welsh adopt it.

Itumpi said...

I think post-modern neanderthal is the phrase - they flatter women's natural sense of intellectual superiority.

Glyn Davies said...

itumpi - all my life I've lived in the deep shadow cast by women's natural sense of intellectual superiority - and I've never knowingly tried to flatter it. I've never filed my canines either.