Thursday, August 16, 2007

Here and There

Been away from my blog for a few days (sorting out Tim and Adrienne's garden amongst other things) and tonight have been catching up on back copies of the Telegraph. I've taken to reading obituaries recently, which are often very well written. Tuesday's copy recorded the death of the Pembrokeshire historian, Dillwyn Miles. Two snippets caught my eye.

Firstly, the way that Miles wife informed her mother that she was to wed Dillwyn. She sent her a telegram reading "Have indigestion;taking Dill".

And secondly, the obituary reports that when Miles was posted to serve in Tehran during the war, one of his jobs was checking the mail, sent and received by soldiers. One soldier had written home to inform his wife that he wanted a divorce in order to marry a beautiful Arab maiden. His wife responded with an indignant cable "What has she got that I haven't?" Back came the reply "Nothing, but she's got it here." I wonder what happened when the war was over.

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