Friday, August 03, 2007

Iain Dale - Brave Man

I enjoyed Iain Dale's column in today's Telegraph where he advised David Cameron to appoint William Hague as his deputy. Well, I'll go along with that. I hope I'm not posting anything that will cause me grief - but I believe William to be the most outstanding politician of this era. So Iain, I'm with you on this. But hold on a minute. What's this about your old boss, David Davis.

What really struck me about Iain's article was his suggestion that David could play some sort of John Presscott role for David Cameron. I don't care how you dress this up, it seems to me to be a risky thing to say. David Davis does not look like the sort of man to compare to a buffoon. If I was Iain, I would go back to Rwanda for a few weeks - where he might just be safer.


alanindyfed said...

William Hague stands out as the most intelligent and articulate of the Conservative politicians of the generation. I wish he could be persuaded to join Plaid. A great contrast to a certain gentleman I wrote about in the Western Mail today (see : letters -"Sour Grapes")!

Alan in Dyfed

Anonymous said...

everyone seems to forget how disasterous he was as Tory Leader. If he was that great then you'd still be in power!

Anonymous said...

william hague was a disaster for Wales as well as the Tory party
Well rid of him and his baggage

alanindyfed said...

William Hague has two saving graces:

1} He married a Welsh girl - Ffion

2) He was born in the same town that I was.

Glyn Davies said...

anons - not often that I totally and utterly disagree with comments on my blog - but you are both so wrong about William. It would have made no difference who our leader was in 2001, we would have been stuffed.

Glyn Davies said...

Alan - only problem with your response is that it is exactly what Delwyn wants. I have always liked him but I disagree with what he wrote. I thought the best response was to ignore. But several people have contacted me, making similar comments to yours.