Sunday, September 02, 2007

Lurch to the Right.

Its 10.00 on Sunday night and I haven't posted since Wednesday. I should re-title this site as the 'London Bus Blog' - nothing for a few days and then 5 posts all at once. Truth is I've been coping with a complex personal issue and my mind just hasn't been up to it. But its sorted in my head now - and I've had a great weekend on the campaign trail. So been catching up on the blogosphere tonight - and been a bit taken aback by all this talk of Cameron 'lurching to the right'. Portillo has chipped in his pennyworth and somebody significant is reported to have resigned from something significant. Well, I have to observe that this is all rather silly.

Reason I'm interested in this is that for the last few weeks I, myself have been keen to talk about the supposed 'right wing' issues of Immigration, Crime and European Integration. And my reasoning has been that if I don't, there are other political parties in Montgomeryshire that will. Bruce Lawson of Ukip and Nick Griffin of the BNP are at all the local events I've been going to over the last few days. But I've also reasoned that I can only do this because I don't think anyone can, with credibility, accuse me of being an extreme right winger. And the same goes for David Cameron. I feel I have earned the right to talk about these subjects without being accused of following some extremist line - and I think David Cameron has earned the same right without being accused of 'lurching to the right'. We can't just not talk about serious issues which concern people.

It doesn't all go well of course. I was out leafleting in Llanfair Caereinion on Thursday (in preparation for Llanfair Show on sat).. As leaving a cul-de-sac estate, the resident of No 1, which I'd called on 10 minutes previously, came out of his house. This is what he said. "What's this? Oh, its Glyn Davies. Well, that can go in the f***ick bin". He hadn't seen me so I shuffled off as nonchalantly as I could. But not before I noted that his remarks were directed at a boy of around 10 years old. I didn't know whether his remark was aimed at me personally, or at politicians in general. So I wrote down 'undecided' and added the word 'uncouth'.

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