Friday, September 14, 2007

I knew already Iain

Not for the first time top blogger Iain Dale has been kind to me - at least I think he has. This time he has selected this blog as one of his top ten 'under-rated' blogs - "consistently high quality level of output which does not get the attention deserved". That sounds pretty good to me. The least I can do is comment on his piece in today's Telegraph.

Iain is absolutely right about Gordon Brown's intention being to destroy the Conservative Party. Actually, I think I knew that before he became Prime Minister. And I have to admit that he's set about his plan with real gusto. But I don't think he is going to succeed. His only chance would be if he were to call a General Election next month - which is his best chance of winning. Even then, I cannot see anything resembling 'destruction'. Anyway, it looks increasingly unlikely that he's got the b***s. In the same circumstances, Blair would have.

Iain seems to think that "the next four weeks will determine the course of politics for the foreseeable future". I don't think I agree with him - except that there being nothing much happening will be Brown's lost opportunity. Next year, we will begin to move ahead in the polls and Cameron will grow in stature. I am beginning to scent a real Tory revival.


Anonymous said...

I actually I think it was Shane Greer. Iain's away, apparently.

Glyn Davies said...

No matter. It seemed a nice thing to post.