Saturday, September 15, 2007

Not quite there

Really thought we were in with a shout today. But no. The Australians, who Mrs D has taken to calling the 'Crims' were too just strong for us. It seems a touch disrespectful to me to call them the 'Crims' especially after the body check that Gareth Thomas visited upon their stand off early on. OK, so he needed softening up a bit, but Alfie should have gone to the bin for that. Good game though.

For the second week in a row, we didn't start playing until the second half - perhaps because the Australians eased off after the break, feeling that the game was won. Anyway, I feel rather encouraged. We've performed better than any other Northern hemisphere team. I can't see us getting the better of the Springboks though. Our only chance will be to play it tight for 10 minutes, just to settle us into things, and then just let it flow - the Welsh way.

Pleased to say that I've recovered from yesterday's very nasty affliction regarding the England team. The sympathy that mysteriously gripped my senses after Jason Robinson went off has evaporated, and I've really enjoyed reading about England's abject performance in today's papers. I hope we don't lose by more than 36.

UPDATE - Mrs D insists that she was only quoting an Australian based friend when referring to the Australians as 'crims'. I stand accused of not giving my full attention when she was speakinh. I'm rather pleased about this because I've always had a high regard for the Aussies - and consider Shane Warne to be the greatest living sportsman. And neither did I think 'crims' was that derogatory a word. After all, we Tories are called 'cons' all the time.


Martin Eaglestone said...

But my hopes of grabbing a whole £12 in the office sweep have slipped with Cymru's decline.

Glyn Davies said...

Martin - you were never in with a chance. I think we can be quite proud of our boys (apart from Alfie's tackle). You are not beaten yet though. If we beat South Africa, we would be in with a chance - but I've yet to meet anyone who thinks this possible